ROWing in 2012!

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ROW80 Post #1

Yes, it is the birth of a new year.  A new era.  A new Darlene. I made 0.0 resolutions this year.  They don’t work for me.  Resolutions are my way of cementing failure.  I never fail at failure.

This year I have goals. Small attainable goals that I will achieve. I call it a 2012 Bucket List.

I checked one off the list today.  I went skiing for the first time ever today.

I skied down a small hill today several times and I only fell once.

*NOTE* standing up in skis is very difficult. So try your best not to fall – all you newbies out there.  When I walked in the boots I felt like my shins were going to be severed in half.  But I smiled and laughed as I walked around the grounds of Blue Mountain Ski Lodge with seven-year olds that were pointing and laughing.  I know they were.

My crew abandoned me after lunch.  They were ready to hit the actual slopes.  I was not ready.  I almost said screw it and went to the “real slopes” despite my fear.  But that fear was real and I could taste it.  The instructor smelled it and called me on it.


So.. after lunch the crew went to the slopes and I headed back to the “learning slope” to get a few more lessons in. There were too many kids.  When I was on the hill earlier I almost smashed into some kid standing at the bottom of the hill.  So when I was back at the hill this time around, panic set in.  My anxiety swept over me like a broom over a dust bunny.  I actually stood at the bottom of the hill like a tool staring at all the kids and parents skiing down the hill. No one noticed me standing there.  But I noticed me standing there.  I picked my skis up, walked over to the lockers and sat in the corner by the light pole people watching.

I cried.

I looked down and saw a tiny, black spider and smiled.  I like spiders.  He seemed to be in a big unfamiliar world, too.  I smiled at him, said my hellos and continued to watch all the kiddies and their parents ski and snowboard.

So I reflected on my day and my ROW80 goals as I sat there with my new eight legged friend.  I did ski for over an hour, so I checked that off of my list.  True, I did not glide gracefully down the mountain.  I wanted to.  I wanted to love skiing.  I am going to go back.  I do not give up.

For the first round of ROW 80 I am keeping it simple.  Tax season is here so that means fewer hours in my day.  But that is okay because less hours means more money.

First Round Goals

  • Edit first draft of NaNoWriMo novel.
  • Finish outline on WIP2.
  • 2 – 3 posts a week on blogs.
  • Read screenwriting book.
  • Back To The Gym.

That’s it for now!  Happy New Year everyone.  Looking forward to getting to know new ROWers and catching up with familiar faces.


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