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Happy 2017 Eclipse, everyone. Don’t stare at the sun. I’m not sure if you’ll really go blind, but I don’t think it is a good idea, regardless. Keep your pets indoors (though, I don’t think animals like to look at the sun?) and just be smart about it.

Stephen King wrote two books that take place during an eclipse. I thought he wrote a short story, too. I could be wrong.

Anyway, I think a solar eclipse is a great time to meditate, maybe go into a trance state and really get to the nitty gritty of your conscious.

I am at work, sick as a sick dog, but my boss said I could go to the park and check it out. His wife gave me eclipse glasses.

Where will you be during the great 2017 Eclipse?


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Turn Up… The Radio

music box
Fisher Price Music Box

I love music… once; when I was a baby, I would not stop crying. My mother and grandmother tried everything. They changed me, rocked me, fed me, burped me, took me for a walk, and gave me toys.  None of it made me happy… out of ideas and in pure frustration; my grandmother wound up a music box and threw it in my crib where I lay.

It was a miracle. As soon as I heard music chiming out of that little plastic box, I stopped crying. I do not remember this, but I do remember the music box because it was difficult for me to part with even as I got older.

Later on, when I was about four… I discovered an electric organ in the back bedroom of my grandmother’s apartment. Eventually, that got me to let go of the music box – now I had a much bigger music box! I would play the songs in the book (the keys were numbered – sadly, I am still not able to read music well – I am learning now), memorizing the numbers and more importantly, the sound. Later on, despite not being able to read music still, I would sit on the floor under the organ and reach up to play the notes from sound memory.

My grandmother would drive us places in her ’76 Chevy Malibu, and I was always the radio captain. She never minded me cranking up tunes by Led Zeppelin, Joe Jackson or Devo. I think she loved music also because she never gave me any grief when the volume was cranked.

To this day, when I hear music, I refocus my energy. Whether the volume is loud or soft; if the song is heavy or light, music gets me through any day or night.

I don’t get people who don’t love music; I don’t get people who listen to talk radio all the time. I feel like they are really missing out!

Do you love music? Do you play an instrument? What are some of your favorite bands/groups/singers?

The Daily Post – Apprentice: Don’t Do As I Do


Dear Apprentice,

You are my future me, and I have to teach you to live if you want to really live.

First: Review my highlight tape, memorize it, burn it and do the exact opposite.

Some pointers:

Boys will pick on you and call you names. You’re going to want to cut yourself because you think you’re ugly. This is a lie. You are beautiful inside and out.

In 1986, you’ll bang your head on the edge of a concrete step and get a wicked concussion because of underage drinking. When you get home, don’t go to sleep. Tell your mother.

You’re going to want to skip school and hang out with an older boy. You won’t achieve your dream as a high profile lawyer living in New Hope this way.

Stay away from this boy.

If you don’t follow my wishes, you’ll marry this boy, attempt suicide again and almost succeed.

At some point, you’ll become addicted to drugs and will be stripping in New Jersey to cover your habit. You’ll also do ‘extra things’ to make money.

My apprentice, you are beautiful; smart; stunning.

Go to school. Follow your dreams.

Stay away from boys until you’re in your thirties.

You’re going to second guess yourself every step of the way while listening to the advice of fools and day job zombies.

This is a mistake. Follow your heart.

Trust me. I’ve been there.


Your Predecessor.