Knit Tight Knit

rope-1469244_960_720Heart tight-knit; that’s me

Tighter than a vacancy

On the last Friday

via Daily Prompt: Knit


I’m kind of bummed out today… I’ll get over it. I’m not even sure what is wrong with me. I’m just… sad. That’s life. It will swing the other way soon… ❤

Passenger of Principles


Image: Pixabay – tpsdave

A long while back

I was a shitty person

I couldn’t stay on track

Things began to worsen

It didn’t matter who I hurt

It was always about me

I’d drag you through my dirt

and smile happily

These days I am peaceful

I keep my drama very minimal

I now feel I am an worthy equal

And always I am fixable.

©2017 DAMSteelman