Weekend of Dropped Balls

Good morning and Happy Autumn!

These past two weekends were crazy… I had an author event in Quakertown for the Annual Fall Festival on October 19 and then this past weekend was the First Annual Author Festival in which the entire center of Easton, Pennsylvania was authors and vendors galore. There were a few hiccups and bumps at the end of at all, but for the most part, it seemed to be a success for many.

They inadvertently scheduled me in two spots, so I showed up to the Three Birds Coffee House first. The building is amazing with old architecture and original wood floors. I was enjoying my coffee and muffin but noticed there was nothing set up for an event.

Then, after a recheck of the schedule, I saw I was supposed to be at Gallery on Fourth, so I quick guzzled my delicious coffee and booked ass four blocks away… there, Lisa (the owner who is an amazing human) had a microphone and refreshments set up. She was a captive audience of one and we really got to know each other over the course of my hour and a half there. I wish her all the best in her art journey. If you love art and are close to Easton, Pennsylvania, go see her.

I then meandered over to the old United Christ Church where I was supposed to be selling my books and set myself up at a table there. A man approached my table to ask me about self-publishing, to which I answered his questions and we became Facebook Friends. He is into fitness and wrote a book about it…

Sunday it was all rain and clouds for the first part of the day. I had to be back in Easton as I was teaching a Poetry Workshop. This day was also a learning experience for me. I went to the location, and happened upon a friend of mine from my writer group who was teaching her class about magazine writing. She had four people in her class…

Her class ended, my class started, they all left, and it was just me and her and we talked about writing… we dabbled in the poetry thing but I learned so much from those two days.

  1. I did not promote myself enough. Not even my family knew what I was going to be doing that weekend.
  2. I didn’t bring any props or fun handouts.
  3. I didn’t have any of my poetry books on me.
  4. I called my class “Poetry for Beginners” when I should have just called it “Poetry Workshop”
  5. I need to be more “in people’s faces” and not in an ignorant way.

When I did the Autumn festival the weekend previous, I shared space with a great author. She was talking to people as they walked by and handed them her book. It was something I noticed and have since made notes. Some of these authors have been at this for a long while and have even quit their day jobs to pursue their writing careers. These are the people I am paying close attention to –  although I have been writing for over twenty years, I have only been published for two. And it is crazy out there if you don’t have a handle on the self-promotion part of it.

Self-promotion will be the biggest part of my writing career. I am getting that now, which I guess I had a good idea of it. I am in a marketing certificate class at my local college. Don’t give up on yourself…

I will be at the Quakertown Public Library on Saturday, November 9, 2019 from 1 – 3 pm. Come out and see me!


Hanging Out With America’s #1 Crime Writer

Good morning everyone… Consequences hit shelves a couple weeks ago and people are loving it. The first review is five stars! If you haven’t read it yet, go pick up a copy at Amazon here.

Today I am guest blogging over at Barry Bowe’s website to say hello to everyone. His latest book is The Uber Connection. I love Barry’s story telling style, and you will, too. He shares some of his Uber ride experiences on Facebook, so it is no wonder he got a great idea to use his experiences as a great fictional story.

The more books I read these days the more I notice a lot more telling versus showing and, hey, that’s great if you’re writing a memoir or an essay. In fiction, it’s boring to read the blow by blow of action coupled with varied tags. So come over and hang out with me and we can talk about how we show and tell.

And we’re talking about showing vs. telling over here.

Thanks so much!

Countdown to Awesomeville

It’s on like Donkey Kong

Hey. How are you? I am well and here to tell you that Consequences in Kindle format is still on for June 13, 2019. The paperback version will be available in a couple days! I figured out how to format the book with minimal stress (after dealing with major stress – we live, we learn) and accidentally bypassed the part where I ask for author copies before I publish and hit publish.


Since I can’t unpublish it without scrapping the whole thing, it will stay there as I figure out this whole advertising thing and getting people to go to the Amazon page and buying the book. Go me!

In other news, lookie! www.freelancingthestone.com Super excited about this. This is my new freelancing website. I have already done a bunch of freelance editing gigs and I have to say, it is a fun way to make extra money while building my portfolio. I am available and since I am in the clips building stage (with over twenty years of writing experience), I am pretty reasonable right now (aka cheap). My best qualities are writing descriptions for blogs, websites, book blurbs, etc. along with SEO keywords. I can nail an essay, but those aren’t as much fun. If you need help with something, reach out. ❤


That’s it for updates right now… keep your eyes peeled for some The Ashes We Bury news coming in a few week! ❤