A – Z Challenge ~ F is for Fallible

Newsflash.  We are all human.  Yep!  I know, I know… I’ll give you a moment to let your human status resonate in your over-worked skull there.

You back now?  Awesome!

It seems humans (that’s you and me) seem to think we are infallible.   We want to do things our way.  We are right (almost always).

There is no one harder on me than I am.  Is there anyone harder on you that you?  If so, tell them to knock it off!  If you are the culprit, you need to cut yourself some much-needed slack.

In fact, I dare you to make a mistake on purpose! Nothing that will mess with the space/time continuum, but maybe like… oh, put on mismatched socks and go to the store.. make sure people see them!

Thought for the day: I am a fallible human. It is okay if I make a mistake.