ROW80 Update – ROW80 Overload!

Good day all my ROW80 friends! I hope everyone is having a great April so far… I will be happy when April 17th comes and goes because that means tax season will be over and I can resume life as normal.

I am staying steady with my goals.

A – Z Challenge

I am in on the A – Z Challenge which is a lot of fun writing and reading the other interesting ideas people come up with in terms of Alphabet Posts.

Script Frenzy

I am in on Script Frenzy which is nerve-racking, but I hate losing or admitting failure, so I am keeping with it.  The nerve-racking part was formatting the script, but I have since decided to just write the darn thing and work on the formatting later.

Bound and Broken Editing

I am about half way through.  I changed up a few things and will be looking to find some beta readers in a month or so.  Bound and Broken is a Crime Drama.  So if that be your thang, hit me up, yo.

So I was writing on 75owords today and I was like, *ding* I can use 750 words to write up some of my A – Z posts as a rough draft!


I have to say.. I stopped The Walking Dead posts until the new season rolls around.  There just isn’t much to talk about until then.  I skipped a Talk About It Tuesday last week because I have so much other stuff going on.  Like I said, April is just hectic with out all the writing.  In light of recent events (and my lack of meetings recently), I am thinking of doing a sort of AA/NA post a week.  I have to map it out first.

Rowing the Slow Sea – Row 80 Update

Rowing along at such a slow pace, you might think that I was snail powered.  I am getting things done, just not at a pace I feel comfortable.  I am editing my WIP at a painstaking rate.  I am keeping up with all of my blog posts (love the scheduler).  I am reading/commenting blogs. Many blog writers are using time-saving, free article writing services to help with their blog. Thanks to some very helpful advice, I learned a way to read/comment a decent amount and then be done with it.  I picked 10 – 15 blogs a day to read/comment.  I always make sure I fall within that range.  Sometimes if I am caught up on stuff, I allow myself to go over.

Modified goals for the week are as follows:

  • continue reading/commenting 10 – 15 blogs a day.
  • continue to write up scheduled blog posts.
  • thirty minutes a day on Triberr.
  • figure out how to drive traffic to music/motorcycle blog.
  • edit WIP – 15 pages a day.
  • get back into the gym at least four days a week.
  • Use Penzu for private journaling.
  • Use for brainstorming ideas.

There you have it folks!  the long-awaited, highly anticipated ROW80 goal list of yours truly.  Alright, I am exaggerating (grossly).  One thing I did start doing more of this week is picking up my Kindle and reading.  I get so wrapped up in writing and everything else I forget how important it is to read and I forget how much I enjoy it).

How is everyone else doing on the ROW80 Gist?  Share your progress here.