To Write Or To Read? That Is The Question.

So…. I have been busy. And I wish I could say, “busy busy busy writing away as the words overflow in my little pea brain.. and oh, this is so exciting!”

But, uhhh… no. Nothing like that. I picked up more hours at the store (job #2). At the office (job #1) I managed to sneak out of the office and actually go to lunch at the park one afternoon this week! I couldn’t believe it. I almost felt guilty.

Gotta work on that guilt thing.

Let’s not forget trying to figure out an angle for my wrap up blog for the Ninja 1000. I have to give it back this Friday. ūüė¶ It was so much fun riding that bike. I wrote quite a few entries for the page which can be found here. I have not written anything on the blog since July 30 because on the days it was gorgeous out I was double duty working and on the days I had time to ride… it rained.

I have written less than 500 words this week. At the moment I am catching up on email and tweeting and reading blogs.

So I have been doing some reading which I am guilty of slacking on from time to time. Tonight I was reading Erica Lucke Dean’s blog which can be found here.

She has some fun posts about things like adrenalin, coffee and flies… I love it. Definitely worth checking out.

I will have some time to myself tomorrow after I drop my daughter off at work. I am going to go to Starbucks and sit in the cafe with my laptop. I find I write best when I am away from home… How sad is that?


Rowing Down The Highway

Ok, total tool title. OOh, alliteration. Anyhoo…. I am totally Starbucksed up and need to wind down before I attempt sleep.

Haven’t checked in for a few. Life keeps happening.

I haven’t written anything in a stone solid week. I think my mojo slipped away at some point. ūüė¶ Sad.. But I am fighting for it, and I know I have to pretend I already have said mojo and it will peek out any moment.

Fake It Til You Make It

I just got in from a great AA meeting and coffee and cheesecake at the diner across the street. Speaker meetings are always great because I feel they are personal. Sure, reading from the Big Book is nice, but hearing others’ stories there is always a small piece in each one that reminds me that I am just a person in a world full of more people and while I am unique in particular ways, I am really not so different.

My writing has gone running somewhere and I believe it has gotten lost trying to find its way back. I am off to look for it. I am certain it is inside me somewhere. I will dig and borough until I find it!

ROW Goals for the week are:

*Write 50 words a day. If I can do more… wee!
*Write up a budget – my finances are spiraling as well.
*Look into gym specials – find one to join.
*Get oil changed in car.

*Make a gratitude list; keep it handy.


I have been doing a lot of thinking today. My co-worker lost her battle with cancer last night. She is survived by her two daughters, her husband and her dog Timmy. The funny thing about Timmy is that she didn’t want him. But the two of them grew thick as thieves. I could see the love in her eyes and hear it in her voice when she talked about the white pooch.

The passing of my co-worker has not fully absorbed yet. Her funeral is Saturday. I am sure when I see her daughters, it will hit me. I cannot fathom how they must feel and think of my own daughters.

Today overflowed with much thinking. What is important? What can wait? What do I regret? What will I regret? Hard questions that were left empty as I cursed myself for all the times I was short with her; wrapped up in personal demons. The questions fade as life continues and the day goes on.

But here is the one thing that will not escape my head. Her daughters. My daughters. How I forget to say “I love you” all too often because I take for granted that tomorrow will always be there. How I’m quick to tell my youngest not to forget to clean up her dishes and not sleep too late. How I give my older daughter hell for being irresponsible at the age of 21. I was nowhere near as responsible as she is when I was 21.

If I fight with my boyfriend and go to bed angry, he’ll be there in the morning and we’ll get to talk about it over coffee and say the obligatory “sorry’s” and “never again’s”.

I have learned that the day is a gift filled with red lights, moody children and spotting a deer in the park. All the people I see and talk to in a day, the cars I hear roar by, the rain I feel on my face… it is all a privilege.

I am guilty of taking much for granted. Time is precious, as are my loved ones.

ROW80 Check-In

Things are coming along nicely. Very nicely. I have found great places to write away from the hustle and bustle of television and Phillies Games. Now, I love my Philadelphia Phillies, but sometimes I gotta put the boys on the back burner and concentrate. Ya feel me?

So.. book is coming along. I am working on the outline as well.

Today Andy and I drove down to Kelly Drive with the bicycles and I got some great ideas for location and a potential subplot. We did a six-mile loop on the bikes. There were so many people! People on bicycles, runners, walkers, rollerbladers, walkers, parents pushing kids in strollers. It was amazing.

I also came up with a another plot idea for another book. Andy said I am demented for coming up with such a wicked idea, but I can only thank the public bathroom and the dirt trail that led off to the right of it.

Dirt Trail.

We looped around the Art Museum, passing a line of people waiting to have their pictures taken with the Rocky Statue. I found this interesting. All the history in Philadelphia and people come from all over to have their picture taken with a fictional character. I smiled at the line of tourists as I passed.

Rocky stands for the underdog, the working class, the loser, so to speak. Rocky had heart and did not give up. I needed to see that Rocky statue today.

Goals for this week:

Write! Write at least 400 words a day on at least five days.
Read! Read blogs and comment.
Research! I have to do a little more investigation into the areas of Philadelphia in my book.

Happy writing my fellow writer peeps! Stay strong, keep it real and remember…. taking a break to regroup is an important part of the process.

See ya on the flip-side! (I just always wanted to say that). ūüėÄ

Dear Me: A Kick In The Pants

Dear Me,

Well, here we go again! Last year was a disaster wrapped in awful. Maybe this year we can get some of those goals accomplished we set out for last year? The things we think we want to do with our life! Yikes!

It seems the cat farm didn’t turn out so well. We now know first hand that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I’m sure the neighbors won’t forget that cat incident for a long time.

Let us try some more tangible goals that can help us reach our dreams, shall we?

The catch 22 of getting published is frustrating I know. But hard work always pays off and so we must stick first to the task of writing for at least a half hour each day.

Our first goal is to get at least two articles published on an e-zine. You have one article published on an e-zine, but come on. Writing Prompts? Really? We both know you are far more creative than that.

This achieved small goal will most likely lead to our next slightly larger goal of getting an article published in a print magazine (cross fingers).

And now for the big one. You have the whole rest of the year to work on your novel and I suspect with my help and your charm, we will be able to pull that one off! The final revision should be complete by the end of the fall. Therefore, we should be looking at publishers by November.

Oh, and in between all of this, you really should lay off the brownie bites and get a little more cardio in. I’m just saying is all.

So, let’s get cracking!

Love, Me.

ROW#80 Check-In.. Getting To The Meat

Eeewwww… what the hell does that mean, Darlene?
Well, I’ll tell you.

I am on my second scene in my novel draft. I have written close to 2000 words which doesn’t seem like much. However, for me it is. Two jobs, chauffeuring my daughter back and forth, blogging and reading are all tasks that must be completed. Oh yeah, and laundry, food shopping, dishes, paying bills.. yadda yadda.

I finished Nikki Sixx’s “The Heroin Diaries” and put it down feeling a little different then I had when I first picked it up. Normally, books do not affect me in such ways. But being that I went through something similar in 2006 I could relate in a few spots. True, I do not have unlimited funds. Had I had unlimited funds, I may have wound up dead. Everything does and doesn’t happen for a reason.

I have not been very steadfast in blog commenting and I apologize for that. It seems I should take a moment tomorrow and write out a schedule of sorts to better manage my tasks since I am taking this book thing seriously (and myself seriously) for once in my life.

So my goals for this week are simple.
Write, write, write.
Get my ass to an AA meeting.
Finish my eighth and ninth step.
Get my hands on a camera and take some pictures.

Ok, that is all for now. Good luck in your writing and non-writing quests friends!

The Write Stuff!

Ok, multitasking is bad. It is bad when I try to unsuccessfully drive, drink my coffee and smoke my cigarette all while trying to find a kick ass song on my radio. It is worse when I try to write chapter two in my WIP and my boyfriend is flipping back and forth between the Phillies game, L.A. Ink and Dr. Phil.

L.A. Ink is my fault because it is one of the episodes with Nikki Sixx on the show and I made him turn it on. Okay, I didn’t make him. He turned it on because he loves me so! *gush*

My writing is coming along nicely. I posted the first scene of my book to the Writer’s Digest forum for critiquing and I got some really good feedback.

Something I noticed: when I sit outside on the front step surrounded by chirping birds and the sounds from the near by street and neighbors, I write better. My head is not so clogged and concentration becomes doable. I also noticed that when I go to the Dunkin’ Donuts in Richboro down the street from my day job, I tend to focus more. Plus, when I go there I can get ideas for character traits and descriptions.

So, on that note… I am going to try to find quieter places to write if the opportunity should present itself.

My new book idea is super exciting! Once I find out a bit more about where it is going I may share some details. Or I may not. I am such a superstitious turd at times.

See, my writing process goes like this when I am in the living room:

Open WIP.
Get a bottle of water.
Sit back down; stare at screen.
Check Facebook.
Like a bunch of stuff on Facebook.
Check email.
Go back to word document. Read what I have already written. Twice.
Check Facebook again.
Go outside and smoke a cigarette.
Get a cup of coffee.
Sit back down.
Stare at word document which looks exactly the same the last time I looked.

It goes like this when I am out front:

Sit in chair.
Put cup of coffee on the little table.
Finish my cigarette.
Open the laptop.
Write for a half hour.
After the half hour, go back in the house.

I think I need a little more discipline!

Happy Writing Friends! One step at a time, one brick at a time, one word at a time.