Just For Today

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Just for today is an AA/NA saying, but can be used by anyone in everyday life.

Just for today I will be kind to others.

Just for today I will be kind to myself.

Just for today I will take inventory only of myself and not judge others.

Just for today I will use the tools I have been taught to live my life to the fullest without picking up.

I found a great site while searching for “just for today” information.

Just For Today Meditations

BTW – this is not my A -Z “J” post!  I posted “I” yesterday and found out I was supposed to skip Sunday. *palm to forehead*

Have a great day you shiny, happy people.  Talk About It Tuesday will resume in May.


A – Z Challenge ~ I is for Idiosyncrasy


[id-ee-uh-sing-kruh-see, -sin-]

noun, plural -sies.

1. a characteristic, habit, mannerism, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual.
2. the physical constitution peculiar to an individual.
3. a peculiarity of the physical or the mental constitution, especially susceptibility toward drugs, food, etc. Compare allergy ( def. 1 ) .
How awesome are idiosyncrasies?  I mean, they are what make us, us!  They make you, you and me, me. 😀
Have you ever been out in public and noticed the idiosyncrasies of others?  Maybe you’ve seen the same guy at the local coffee shop every morning and noticed he stirs his coffee clockwise ten times.
Or, perhaps, you always have to put your left sock and left shoe on before the right.. no exceptions.  Or maybe your cat will not eat his food out of his bowl.  Instead, he drags it out to the floor with his paw and eats it (this is what my cat does).
We like to think we are just an average bear that does nothing out of the ordinary… but, we all have our little quirks. we all have our little idiosyncrasies.  The main character in my WIP always counts the steps she goes up or down. I cannot sleep without socks on.
What are some of your characters’ idiosyncrasies? 
Are any of their quirks actually your quirks?
Do you notice other people’s quirky habits?

A – Z Challenge ~ H is for Heart

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Heart is something we all have.  The Tin Man traveled all the way to the Land of Oz to get his, which it turned out he had all along.

Besides the long description in the dictionary of the physical heart (the aorta and all the other valves and such), there are other definitions.

1) The center of the total personality.

2) The center of the total emotion.

I find this utterly fascinating.  What does that mean?  The heart is the center of our being.  We cannot live without a heart. A heart breaks, aches, flutters and skips a beat.

How many songs have “heart” in the title?  A few of my favorites:

Janis Joplin – “Piece of My Heart”

Motley Crue – “Kickstart My Heart”

Def Leppard – “Bringing on the Heartbreak”

I put my heart into everything I do.  Don’t you?  When you’re real passionate about it… you put your heart into it.  When you’re not feeling it, it goes.. “my heart’s just not in it.”

Thought for the day:  What do you put your heart into?

ROW80 Update – ROW80 Overload!

Good day all my ROW80 friends! I hope everyone is having a great April so far… I will be happy when April 17th comes and goes because that means tax season will be over and I can resume life as normal.

I am staying steady with my goals.

A – Z Challenge

I am in on the A – Z Challenge which is a lot of fun writing and reading the other interesting ideas people come up with in terms of Alphabet Posts.

Script Frenzy

I am in on Script Frenzy which is nerve-racking, but I hate losing or admitting failure, so I am keeping with it.  The nerve-racking part was formatting the script, but I have since decided to just write the darn thing and work on the formatting later.

Bound and Broken Editing

I am about half way through.  I changed up a few things and will be looking to find some beta readers in a month or so.  Bound and Broken is a Crime Drama.  So if that be your thang, hit me up, yo.


So I was writing on 75owords today and I was like, *ding* I can use 750 words to write up some of my A – Z posts as a rough draft!


I have to say.. I stopped The Walking Dead posts until the new season rolls around.  There just isn’t much to talk about until then.  I skipped a Talk About It Tuesday last week because I have so much other stuff going on.  Like I said, April is just hectic with out all the writing.  In light of recent events (and my lack of meetings recently), I am thinking of doing a sort of AA/NA post a week.  I have to map it out first.

A – Z Challenge ~ G is for Gusto

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[guhs-toh]hearty or keen enjoyment, as in eating or drinking, or in action or speech in general: to dance with gusto. Synonyms:  enthusiasm, delight, relish, zest, spirit, fervor.

Ah gimme da gusto!  Ok, bad Italiano attempt there… but, hey… it is Saturday and Saturday is alright for Gusto!

Gusto is something that I have lacked for the last two years of my life.  I write, I work, I eat annnd… I sleep.  I just realized this as I left the gym this evening and came home.

I lack gusto. I lack oomph. Pizzazz!

So what should I do?  What should you do if you are lacking GUSTO?

Go out and find it!  I realized on the way home from the gym tonight that my lack of gusto is my own darn fault.  SO if you are lacking gusto, let’s figure out why!

And if you got lots o’ gusto goin’ on.. don’t be stingy.. share your tips with us. 😀

Friday Flash Fiction ~ Goodbye

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Carmine spread the fuzzy, orange blanket out so pristine, he was sure he could bounce a nickel off it.
Everything had to be perfect.
He walked gingerly over to the bedroom window to peek outside to the street. The sun was shining bright, just as the weather man had assured him last night it would.
His eyes darted over the room.  The framed photos of flower gardens, the knick-knacks of dolphins and starfish on the black iron shelf in the corner by the door.
He looked at the dresser with the brass colored tray atop the white doily his mother had made when she was eighteen.  He had heard that story a hundred times. If only he could hear it once more.
The dust fell away as he slid his fingers down the edge of the dresser toward the bottle of Wind Song just to the edge of the tray.  His hand stopped just short of it.
“Why, Ma?” Carmine whimpered as he looked to the closet where her favorite red sweater hung.
He stood silent as he waited to hear her voice one more time.  Just once more.
There was no answer, no chirping bird, nothing.
Carmine shrugged and walked out of the room.
It was time to go talk to the detectives again.

A – Z Challenge ~ F is for Fallible

Newsflash.  We are all human.  Yep!  I know, I know… I’ll give you a moment to let your human status resonate in your over-worked skull there.

You back now?  Awesome!

It seems humans (that’s you and me) seem to think we are infallible.   We want to do things our way.  We are right (almost always).

There is no one harder on me than I am.  Is there anyone harder on you that you?  If so, tell them to knock it off!  If you are the culprit, you need to cut yourself some much-needed slack.

In fact, I dare you to make a mistake on purpose! Nothing that will mess with the space/time continuum, but maybe like… oh, put on mismatched socks and go to the store.. make sure people see them!

Thought for the day: I am a fallible human. It is okay if I make a mistake.