Flash Fiction Friday – Rise and Fall

Arch, Tory. The east end of the island is prob...
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I watch the sunrise over the ocean like a wild animal creeping out of a forest den.  It will be full daylight soon and the pain will come.  Sure, I could run back inside and hide in the darkness of the cave. However, that would prolong the inevitable and I want to see the sun.

Last night got so out of control.  How could I let Lily go with the others? I could smell their abhorrent kindness. The way Kaud, the leader, stroked the small of her back as they walked into the cave drove me mad.

He knew it drove me mad and he knew I would do something foolish. What a foolish idea, charging at Kaud!

I heard Lily shout, “I never loved you, Vol.”

As Kaud broke my neck, Lily broke my heart.

Now, I stare at the sun, so blinding and pristine, as I whither to a pile of forgotten ashes.


“Bound and Broken” Opening Scene

Below is the opening scene for my WIP.  I have gone over this scene the most as I revise my work.

WARNING: Language.

For the second time in three days, Celeste Murphy pretended the plaster pieces that fell on her face as she tried to sleep were snowflakes.  This time, inaudible shouts accompanied the stomping.  The intrusion on her ears and face took her from a snow-filled dreamland to reality.

Two squeaks came from the bed as she sat up; only one squeak yesterday.  The squeaks, shouts and stomps made her head swell as she reached for her cigarettes.

A mouse darted across the bedroom floor from under the bed and Celeste yanked her feet up.  She wondered if the squeaks were from the mattress itself or if the mouse had slept in the mattress at night along with her.  Her gag reflex kicked in as she pushed away thoughts of sleeping with mice.

She grabbed the pair of socks off the foot of the bed, put them on and stood up.  The blinds were up on the windows, which meant she came home DBR last night.  She blurted out “DBR” one night at work and after she explained it meant, “drunk beyond repair.”  Everyone thought she was a genius.  She guessed it was her “catch phrase” although she thought it was damn lame.

She flipped the light on when she entered the kitchen.  Cockroaches scattered and for a moment, she thought about cleaning the kitchen, but there were better things to do.  She rummaged in the bottom cabinet until she found a little pot and put water on for coffee.  Her favorite coffee mug was in the sink filled with a filmy liquid.  There was a foam cup on the table in the other room from two days ago.  She sighed as she grabbed it, rinsed it out and finished making her coffee.

The stomps upstairs had followed her into the kitchen. She grabbed the dust-covered broom wedged between the wall and the refrigerator and banged the ceiling.

“Just kill each other already,” she yelled as she banged the broom into the ceiling, and threw it on the floor.

Celeste opened the window to light rain as she sat in the chair next to the window with her instant coffee and morning cigarette.  The empty stand remained in the corner, which was once home to a television until last week when Celeste had come home drunk and knocked it over.

She needed a Valium or Percocet.  Her head hurt like hell and she had work again tonight.  Normally, she would not work back-to-back nights, but her habit was getting expensive.  Her purse was on the other chair.  She didn’t remember putting it there and rolled her eyes as she stuck her foot under the strap and brought it toward her.

After she got her head together, she went through her afternoon routine of ignoring the dirty dishes, counting her money from the night before and rummaging through her purse to see how many pills and bags of cocaine she had to get her by until she could get more.

After she dressed, she stumbled out of her apartment door into the smell of piss and body odor in the hallway.  She slammed the door while she held her breath. No way in hell could she hold her breath long enough to wait for the elevator today.

She counted the steps in her head as she descended; thirty not including the landings.  Counting helped her forget she held her breath as she went down the steps.  She exhaled when she got to the front door.

Her smile went flat when she saw the large figure at the bottom of the steps outside.

Row80: When Life Gets in the Way – Push It Aside

I thought life was supposed to get more simplistic as age came along… no? Not in my life.  I am sure there is still hope.

I digress.

My life is more amazing these days than it was this time last year and the year before that, and so on.  Who knows what is in store?  Only God knows.


In writing news, I started back up with my Friday Flash Fiction segments.  I posted the first one last Friday.  It kind of pales in comparison to some of my earlier work, but it turned out just the way I hoped.  If you want to check it out, you can do so by clicking here.

In sobriety news, I will be hooking back up with my sponsor at some point this week.  I hit a meeting last week and will hit one this week. My six-year anniversary is in two weeks.

In life news, I am really doing some soul-searching as to what this life holds for me and where I can tweak it to maximize my usefulness and potential.

I am faced with interesting dilemmas and decisions as far as living arrangements and mental health.  Funny how the two seem to be coinciding.

I was excited to finally get back into editing my WIP today.  I had the whole day to myself, Saturday!  It was great.

So… for this week:

  • continue to edit WIP.
  • walk 20-30 minutes a day.
  • get to an al-anon meeting.
  • continue to look for a reasonably priced car (my car is dying).
  • journal, journal, journal.  I have been doing this a lot and it is really helping me find out about who I am and what I want.

I hope everyone had a great week and that this coming week will be even better than the last.

Flash Fiction Friday – Hide and Seek

Sherry sat at her kitchen table stone faced.  Her cell phone sat on that same table, stone faced as well.  Moments ago, it vibrated in a violent rage as she stared out the rain-covered window.  She knew who was texting her. He had been texting her for the last four days.

The messages were non-stop. Some of them were cute, some of them were funny and then they got a little flirty.

That was in the beginning.

This morning she was having none of it. She sat at the table, her bright yellow mug filled with extra strong, sweetened coffee and stared at the phone.

Today, she would end this.

She took a sip of her coffee and closed her eyes as she savored the taste.

Bzzz, her phone sounded.

I miss you.  Please talk to me, the message read.

She picked the phone up. She wanted to text him back, “go to hell!” But she knew better. The phone buzzed in her hand.

“One New Message” the screen read.

Her thumb hovered over the button to read it. A nauseous feeling came over her as she pushed the button to open the message.

I love you.  Please let me show you how much.  Better yet, why don’t you just turn around… 🙂

Sherry’s face drained of color as she heard the floor creak behind her.  She tried to stand up, to run, but fear cemented her to the chair.

Then she felt the hot breath on her neck.

The game of Hide and Seek was over.

The Rickety Row 80

Ok, so this past week has not exactly gone according to plan.  I seem to be in a funk when it comes to getting back into my WIP.  I haven’t really read many blogs and my excited energy of getting into May with a bang has deflated.

I have been doing a lot of journaling and reflecting.  I have been writing in upwards of about 400 – 500 words a day in terms of Penzu.

I have been on Triberr when I think of it which has been about every other day.  I have “liked” a lot of posts and read a few.

My biggest concern now is my daughter and myself.  I have deep concerns about the direction of my life and my dependency on my boyfriend.  It is way too personal to get into here, but my reflection has been strong and my honesty at times overwhelming.

I am at a crossroads and as I stand here looking in all the directions my head is swirling with anticipation and doubt.

What does the future hold? Not sure, but I think it is going to get exciting!

My goals for this week:

  • continue to reflect and journal.
  • get to an AA meeting.
  • write a flash fiction piece.
  • read/comment at least three blogs a day.
  • get on Triberr once a day.

I hope everyone else’s goals are coming along… y’all rock!  🙂

Stay true to yourself and never settle.