Friday Flash Fiction – Sharon and the Scoont


Sharon sat at the dark, muddy lake with her toes just to the edge of the water.  She had been down to the lake for the last four nights hoping to see the Scoont that everyone else in her family had seen.  The stars twinkled like glitter in the night sky as the moon tucked in and out of the scattered clouds.  She said all the verses her family had told her to say; even said the last one twice:

Scoont of the sky of the night
The moon ever so bright
Scoont of darkness I plea
Wash the light over me

She giggled after the last line.  She always did.  Jake, her best friend, had told her the chant before he left for California five days prior.  He told her if the conditions were right, and she said the chant the correct number of times, the Scoont would come out of the water and kiss the tips of her toes.
She eyeballed the sky as she repositioned her toes exactly at the edge, whispering the chant as her eyes searched the sky for the biggest star.
A twig snapped in the distance and the darkness across the lake seemed to seep into the muddy water, stretching across the dollops of scum almost to the shore.
Trepidation seeped into Sharon’s mind as she pondered her timing.  She thought back to what Jake had said about character.  When calling the Scoont out, complete trust had to be shown.  One shred of doubt and the Scoont would turn vicious.
Another twig snapped and she felt someone there with her.  She couldn’t figure it out, but she knew she wasn’t alone.  She saw lights in the distance.  Were they fireflies? Stars? Or were they eyeballs being kissed by moonbeams?
She gulped hard as she tried to speak but all that came out was a whimper.
“Positive, Sharon.  Positive,” she whispered to herself as a dark cloud swallowed the moon leaving Sharon alone with the eyes.  Sharon knew they were eyes now.  Her fear unleashed the wrong Scoont.  Tears streamed into her mouth as she noticed the eyes were gone.  Hot breath that smelled of rotting meat beat on the back of her neck.
Fear had won.