Study Study

Well, sometimes I don’t know why I do the things I do. They are excellent in theory, but when applied to a commoners life, they are downright nonsensical. If you’ve been following along, you might know that I went back to school for my Associate’s in the Arts and at this moment have exactly thirteen credits to go to get my degree. After this semester, I will have six credits left to fulfill.


I know! It’s so exciting. ūüėÄ

I have always been able to study hard, get good grades and mostly do well in school. My fretting is due to this semester: I have two full-length classes (fifteen weeks each), plus I am working Saturday’s¬†at the office and not to mention (but mentioning) that I am in the final edits of my¬†novel while writing the second book of poetry. So, extra school work, extra work hours, extra writing, and financially… my other professors provided books and such via PDF to lighten the financial¬†load. This semester, I had to buy the books and pay out of pocket (not enough financial aid). Can we form a group to fight the robbery of overpriced textbooks?

I know I will be okay, but not knowing what to expect from the professors is I think what is getting me. I am taking Anthropology 101 and Biology. Anthropology I am excited about… Biology, not so much but am keeping a positive attitude.

Hopefully, I will have time to study. I might have to ease up on the writing for the next few months, but I will squeeze it in when I can! Success is all about hard work and sacrifice, right?

In Poetry Through Darkness news, someone left another really nice review of the book and I am ever grateful for that. It means so much to me when people take time out of their busy lives to make some moments for me. So, from the bottom of my heart to anyone who bought a book and/or left a review… thank you so very much. ‚̧

And yes! I am working on the second book of poetry. I am about thirty poems in so far and I hit a snag of blankness but picked back up with some fresh thoughts yesterday.

Happy Monday! The best thing you can do for yourself is to stay true to you!


Carve A Dream


Dreams are for losers. That was the message I got when I was a kid. Don’t bother, you’ll never pull it off, you’re a girl, no one would hire you, do something safe. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, let me tell you something. I decimated my dream of being an auto mechanic about twelve years ago, but my dream of being a famous writer is still on the stove and I plan on cooking it up to perfection. I am already published, so I got that foot in the game. But the dream I am carving is a delicacy that I cannot wait to savor and devour.

Every day I envision myself in my log cabin home that sits on fifteen acres of mountainous land somewhere in Pennsylvania. There is a fireplace in the master bedroom, the five guest rooms, and three family rooms. My kitchen is worthy of the most top rated chef and my back deck could fit a party of twenty comfortably. All the decor is rustic, walls are painted earth tones, and the only chrome is outside in my four car garage on my souped up 1970 Monte Carlo. The windows in the cabin are spacious with wide sills so Spirit the Cat has ample room to perch and bird watch. My studio is one part writing and one part art. There is also a library, a home gym, an art room for my husband, and a game room.

If you can dream it, you can do it. And when you do it, put your heart into it. Never let anyone tell you your¬†dreams are foolish or stupid or unreachable. I mean, think of all the things we wouldn’t have if people didn’t dream them up and then make them a reality. Electricity, running water, automobiles, computers, The Clapper, sneaker skates, instant coffee, Flex Seal! The list is endless.

My book is still for sale on Amazon… please leave a review if you have purchased one or grabbed a free one! I really appreciate all of you! ‚̧ I am still in the final stages of Consequences and am working on the second book of poetry.

What’s your wildest dream?

Image: Pixabay

Faking Brilliant


Many highly talented, brilliant, creative people think they’re not – because the thing they were good at in school wasn’t valued, or was actually stigmatized. Ken Robinson

This is such an accurate statement. ¬†I was always smart and because of this, my parents thought I should be tested for the MG (mentally gifted) program. I failed. There was a common sense test and I answered a few questions wrong. One, in particular, had to do with ‘what to do if there is a fire’ and I wrote ‘leave’ when the correct response was ‘call 911.’

Okay… but shouldn’t you leave first? Well, I didn’t get into the MG Program like a handful of kids in my class did and it didn’t bother me too much except that from that point on, despite being smart, I carried the whole ‘lacks common sense’ thing around with me like a dunce cap. Because that was what they said.

In short, never let anyone tell you that you aren’t smart enough, good enough, talented enough, anything enough. There are some people who are born with natural talent and natural genius, but studying and hard work pay off just as well, if not better.

I guess I was smart enough to be in the smart classes; I was always in them. Just never the genius classes. It didn’t bother me much because back then – being cool was more important¬†than being a genius.

Now I have a brain injury and can’t really be a genius, ever. But it’s okay… I’m smart (and cool) in other ways. And the areas that I’m not I just fake it until I am.

Faking brilliance, love

It’s the only way to live

Fake it and make it


Forlorn and Reborn


Image: Pixabay


I can’t imagine ever

Feeling like an afterthought

To sit and wait for the tide to roll in

Timing breath with waves

Watching the sun set and rise

Rise and set

Trees live and die; motionless yet breathing

And here I pause

Forlorn and reborn

I gave from my being

You faded with a season

I watch the sand stream

Through my wrinkled fingers

My thoughts drift

Life without you

Monotonous; I smile





Image: Pixabay

All the drama; weak

Allergic to the wheel burn

Save it for next time

I know haikus are generally about nature, but sometimes I like to make them about human nature… I am allergic to drama in real life.

Keeping it short today. A few others bought a copy of my poetry book, so thank you for that!

All my followers rock! I am so grateful for your support.

Happy Friday!



Image: Pixabay

Hello. How is everyone? I am working on the second book of poetry… despite the slow sales of Poetry Through Darkness¬†I am confident they will pick up. Also, I read in a few places it is good to have more than one book published. So I am working on that while I put together the money to have my novel professionally¬†edited (finally) by someone highly recommended and then get that out to everyone. Can I say how much I truly love that book and hope everyone else will, too?


A viable solution to any situation is forethought and hard work. That is my mantra for the year and to hell be damned I am doing it! So far I am on DAY FOUR and have kept true to my goal list.

Today it is super cold and snowy here on the East Coast. I made it into the day job (though I’d rather be home with my husband and my cat) and will commence a day of shredding documents.

Le sigh.

In other news, regarding Poetry Through Darkness I have gotten some nice messages regarding the book. So much so that I am working on a second book that I hope everyone will love as well.

Thank you so much for your support, everyone! And you know I can’t just put up a post without a little haiku or poem so here goes:

Viable the love

That bleeds like the winter sky

I ache long and serve

Stay Warm!

Treat Yourself


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Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good; feel wonderful; feel alive! Work on something fun and delightful. Take a nap, make some coffee, go for a walk and look at some freezing streams somewhere. Get a manicure, buy a book, write a book. Whatever it takes to be kind to you.


Do you treat yourself, ever? Well, you should. It is a new year and a time for new beginnings and new goals but it is also a time for a new you and a new way of thinking. It is a time to lighten up on yourself (just a little) so you can go after what you want, make your dreams come true and treat yourself every day to a life you crave.

Happy 2018 everyone. My book did well when it was free and has now fallen below the Top 100, but that is okay! It is my first publication… I am not worried. I will prosper and treat myself to amazing days in 2018.

Today is a treat

Of a day forever held

Kiss the sunshine love