Carousel of Conformity

Image: Pixabay – Lunar Sea Art

So I am in a philosophy class and let me just say that my perception about everything is changing. It has come to be that ‘why?’ is a much bigger question that I had ever anticipated.

So far we have studied Pascal, Aquinas, and Aristotle… Three different philosophers with three different points of view. I mean, is it really different than anyone else? There are others, too, but if I get into the list we’ve covered over the last three weeks, this post will get longer than I want.

This week, we are studying psychological egoists and self-interest. Also, why do people conform? When is conforming okay and do people even realize how much it happens?

I remember when I was little and into my twenties, I was a conformer. I wanted to be like everyone else. I think this is normal (But what is normal?) in the grand scheme of kid life. However, when I got into my twenties, I realized I didn’t like conforming to society’s vision of normal and popular and trendy. I like dark things. I am fascinated by the minds of the depraved (not their actions).

So there I was on the carousel of conformity, going around and around as I appeased everyone with their ideas of how I should be. First, it was nothing because it was what I always did. Then I started to notice that people had a lot of ideas about what I should be doing with my life while they were living on their own terms.

I fell for it! Don’t say this… don’t do that… that’s too slutty… why don’t you talk more? Here, have another line, shot, toke, pill, puff, etc. Oh yeah, you have to do it this way because no one has ever done it the way you are trying to do it. I was getting so uncomfortable.

Bah. That carousel of conformity was such a drag; I wasted so much time trying to fit in and be like everyone else and then after that, I wasted so much time trying to forget who I was because I didn’t fit in with anyone else. It sucked and  I am glad I see more and more people these days trying to be the best version of themselves that they can be. For real, you all inspire me. I love that more and more people are doing their own thing and trying not to conform.

Conformity is good when it spares others pain or makes life easier not because it is comfortable but because it is necessary: say like, not murdering people and not stopping at green lights in traffic. And carousels, well, they are good all the time! Unless it is the carousel of conformity. Most people don’t even know they are on that ride; the societal blinders of “this is the way you should be” are dark and heavy, my friends.

When is the last time you questioned your beliefs? Have a good one.


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