Six Sentence Sunday Row 80’s

So it’s Six Sentence Sunday – yeah, just letting anyone who’s been living under a rock.  It is also ROW80 check-in day!  Again, only for the Rock People.

Image courtesy of My six sentences are from my Zombie Novel In Progress. Oh, it will be sweet!

Michele had asked him to cut a tag off of one of her new tank tops. “Summer tangerine,” she said. He remembered that it just looked like orange. Steve noticed Michele still hadn’t said anything. He tried to engage her, but she wouldn’t talk. Then he heard the footsteps.

Okay, so the six sentences don’t really do it justice.  This blurb is probably one of the few lower key scenes in the whole WIP so far.  I have found that the use of is bolstering my productivity and culpability in regard to my writing.  I am almost addicted to it.  Which is no surprise since I have an addictive nature!

This is my first scheduled blog post. I read on Kristen Lamb’s blog before how to so something this amazing and I picked today to do it because if you are reading this on Sunday, I am on a train. Or I am in New York. Or maybe I am somewhere in between… who flipping knows!

Today I am at the International Motorcycle Show with some biker friends.  I will be blogging about that in the coming week.  There will be many pictures.  Also in the coming months I will be covering a heavy metal show in New Jersey.

GOALS are GOOD – GOALS are SWEET – GOALS are… eh, you get it.

  • continue to do 750 words a day on WIP
  • continue to read/comment blogs
  • get to the gym (major slackage on this one last week)
  • organize bills/money/savings

Things I am letting go for the week.

  • Editing my NaNoWriMo novel.  It is frustrating the hell out of me. I am adding/deleting scenes. I’m putting it down for a week.
  • Yelling at people in traffic.
  • Making sure everything is perfect (is this a writer thing?) It is counterproductive.

Happy ROWing ROWers!  Find some Orbitz coupons and join me!

Good luck

Back to Our Regulary Scheduled Programming

Today was  quite a ruckus, eh?  A lot of webpages (including all of my blogs) were blacked out as a protest to the PIPA/SOPA Act. Apparently, we may be moving something along according to this report here.

Way to go protesters!!  Man, how far have we come! We the people of the United States of America don’t even have to get off our asses to protest something… Niiiice.

Hopefully the lot of us have stirred the fire.  And to the lot of you who had no idea what was going on (Facebook updates like: What the hell is up with Wikipedia?) shame on you.

What do you think?  How would you feel if you wanted to share an article or a song with someone on the internet and all of a sudden a steel door slammed over your screen, thereby smashing you fingers into the keyboard because it is FORBIDDEN to share the interesting with a fellow computer friend?  I mean, in this new age, it is all about sharing.  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress… all of these sites share information, pictures, videos, music, blog posts and opinions.

SOPA/PIPA would be like an ugly little gremlin (no offense 80’s Gremlins and car Gremlins) sitting on your screen and blacking out your screen anytime you wanted to view something forbidden.  It would look something like this:

███ ████████ ██████ ██████████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██████████ ██. ███ ███ This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been removed.

SERIOUSLY?? It’s almost like Bizarro World.. but, more bizarro-er.  Check out this link here to get updated on all this garb.

Now.  Onto ROW80.

This week is STELLAR so far.  I got a lot of posting done, got a lot of writing done with the help of and commented on a slue of blogs.  I slacked on editing my current WIP.  But it’s all good.  I am catching up on it tonight.

This Sunday is the New York Motorcycle Show! Sa-weet! I will be taking loads of pictures and posting mega content on the hottest new bikes and gear for 2012.  So be sure to look for that.

In other news, someone approached me about covering their heavy metal band doing a gig in Trenton, NJ in March.  😀 I am super stoked about that.  Yes, the article will be on my blog.  I am hoping good things will come from this!


  • Write
  • Read
  • Comment
  • Blog
  • Exercise

Happy ROWing my wonderful blogger/writer/ROWer peeps!

What Riding The Ninja 1000 Courtesy of Cycle World Magazine is Teaching Me

I’m not sure if you heard although I have pretty much told everyone.  I entered a contest of sorts  for an opportunity as a guest editor for Cycle World Magazine, one of the top leading motorcycle magazines in the country.  All I had to do was write a little quip about why I would be the best candidate along with my networking info (Facebook, Twitter, etc).  What I got if selected was a date with a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 motorcycle for 90 days.  A free ride for the summer.  Sweet!

I entered and forgot about it.  Imagine my excitement when I opened my inbox a few weeks ago to discover out of all the entrants, I am one of the chosen ten.

Yes, I screamed.  Yes, I did a happy dance.  And yes, I told everyone I could find… even complete strangers at my second job.

Shiny and New!

I got the bike on Friday, May 27.  It is so beautiful!

I have had it a week.  And I am learning some things.

1)   Know What Is Ahead

It is so important to get to know something before you take it for a ride.  A car, a motorcycle, a relationship.  These types of things cannot be rushed into.  We have to get to know the situation just incase any surprises pop up.  Like say a deer in the path of my vehicle or a bit of a temper in a new mate.  There is no such thing as knowing too much.   When I first got the Ninja, I made sure I sat on it for a bit and really got to know the bike.

2)  Power Is Not Overrated

This bike has mad power.  At first I was a little intimidated by this force.  But as I am getting to know the bike (see above) I am respecting its power and realizing that power is definitely not overrated.   The bike, whose name is THOR, and I are bonding as the days pass and we dig each other.   It is packed with torque, which at first I did not like.  As Thor and I bond, I grow fond of the torque.

3)  Confidence Is The Ultimate Accessory

Weren’t expecting that one, were ya now?  I say this because I was pretty nervous when I first got this bike.   I have only ridden a Ninja 500 for the last four years or so and a Suzuki GS 750 for a wee bit before that.   I noticed that when racked with nerves, my riding sucks.  If my confidence is shot, so are my skills.  Second guessing is always a bad idea, especially on a motorcycle.

In the past week, Thor and I did not get in as much ride time as I would have liked, but we did get in a few hundred miles.  I have to get to the 600 mark so that I can take it in for a first service and then get back out on the road.

Nervous Motorcycle Riding

I met this guy who had a Suzuki GSXR 750 one night and we hit it off well.  A few days passed and he asked me to ride with him on the back.  About 8 or 9 months went by and he decided I should learn to ride for myself.  So out came the Gixxer from the garage and he told me to get on.  I went down the back drive and around the bend out to the bigger part of the parking lot.

The bike and I were apparently on different frequencies because I wanted to go right but the bike went straight and I dropped it.  I was mortified.  I cracked the mirror and scratched the right front fairing.

He told me that maybe I should take the Rider Safety Course provided by PENNDOT.

“I think that’s a great idea,” I chirped.

I got the motorcycle rider manual from the driver center in Bensalem and read until I felt like my eyes were going to bleed ink.  I went and took my permit test.

I failed.

I was distraught.  I had never failed a test in my life!  Back home and I read some more.  This time I handed the book to my BF and told him to ask me questions.  A couple weeks went by and I went up to take the written test again.

I passed!

So I went onto the website and I found a class up at Brian’s Harley Davidson in Langhorne, PA for a rider course.  Basically, 2 weeks, 6 classes.  2 in the class room, 4 on the bike.  The last 2 would be test classes.

I passed the written with flying colors.  The bike I chose for the riding part of the class was a Honda Rebel 400.  The guy looked at me kinda funny  He was apparently surprised that I had not chosen a smaller bike like a 250.  But I’m tall and the Rebel fit me.  Isn’t that one of the most important parts of riding?

I felt like I won the lottery after I got my license.  Now we could ride together like real riders.  He told me I could ride the Suzuki 750 GS which I really came to dislike.  It was air cooled and so as long as I was moving the temp was good.  However, when stopped at red lights it would heat up rather quickly and it would stall out.  Plus it had one of those engine protectors on it so it felt a lot bigger that it actually was.  Still, I rode the GS for about 3 months or so.

Andy took me to Bromley’s in Trevose, PA one late afternoon to look at bikes.  I didn’t have to look too long because my eyes caught a Ninja 500 sitting to the right and I swore if it the air had been silent I would have heard it calling my name.  I looked at a few other bikes to appease Andy, but I knew what I wanted.  I wanted that bright green Kawasaki Ninja.

I had my license for about 2 months and was really liking the winding roads of Bucks County.  We would ride up through New Hope and into Lawrenceville, NJ.  I was still gun shy and would just about do the speed limit.   Andy would pull over up ahead and remind me of how I had to keep up with him.  I would roll my eyes and keep up for a little bit but then I would let off of the throttle and go back down to just about the speed limit.

It was the first week of August and Andy decided we would go up to Bloomsburg, PA via the PA Turnpike.  I felt my stomach churn.  The turnpike?

It was hot that day and my riding jacket was secured under my cargo net on the back seat.  I had on my helmet, a pair of jeans, my sneakers and a white ribbed tank top.

We got on the turnpike at the Bensalem entrance.   I was white knuckling the whole way doing sixty-five.   I wanted to tell him we needed to stop but my foolish pride kept me going.

We merged onto 476 North which has only two lanes.  We passed the Lansdale exit and I felt like I might be okay.  I was really going to make it to Bloomsburg.  As I cruised along, now doing about 75 trying to keep up with Andy, I started to see signs for construction and my stomach twinged a little.  I was watching Andy up ahead and then all of a sudden the cars in front of me had brake lights lit and I was gaining on them quickly.

I’d like to say that what I learned in my rider safety course took over but instead I panicked and instinctively grabbed the front brake.  I heard this awful screech, the bike shimmied and suddenly I was down on my right side sliding down the highway.

I didn’t feel anything as I slid across the asphalt and all I could remember was hoping that whoever was behind me didn’t run me over as I was pretty sure that would have made things a lot worse.

Suddenly, there was this really nice woman who was kneeling beside me telling me not to move.  I kept reaching for my chin strap.  All I wanted was to take my helmet off.     Andy was there talking to me and I was pretty calm.  My adrenalin was in overdrive because I still felt no pain.

The ambulance arrived and I remember the one EMT was funny and he made me felt at ease.  My adrenalin started to wear off and the pain of the road rash on my right shoulder and arm, my broken ankle (my shoe had been torn off of my right foot), and my bruised knee really started to scream.   The EMT asked me if I wanted some morphine and I felt like that might be a good idea.

While I was doped up in the ER of Lehigh Valley Hospital Andy got in touch with our friend Chris who was nice enough to ride up there with his trailer and get my beat up bike back home.  The left mirror was shot and the whole left side of the fairing was scratched and cracked.

I was discharged from the hospital that same day and when I got home the first thing I did was run in the bathroom to throw up from all of the morphine I had been shot up with.  I felt awful about ruining our trip to Bloomsburg, but Andy assured me we could go another time.

I missed work for the rest of August.  I was a car parts delivery girl at the time and due to my injuries could not effectively carry an alternator or even press my foot on the gas and brake pedals.

This year we rode to Port Jervis, NY.  We took back roads and it was one of the most amazing rides of my life.   I did wear my jacket for the trip.


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