A – Z Challenge ~ I is for Idiosyncrasy


[id-ee-uh-sing-kruh-see, -sin-]

noun, plural -sies.

1. a characteristic, habit, mannerism, or the like, that is peculiar to an individual.
2. the physical constitution peculiar to an individual.
3. a peculiarity of the physical or the mental constitution, especially susceptibility toward drugs, food, etc. Compare allergy ( def. 1 ) .
How awesome are idiosyncrasies?  I mean, they are what make us, us!  They make you, you and me, me. 😀
Have you ever been out in public and noticed the idiosyncrasies of others?  Maybe you’ve seen the same guy at the local coffee shop every morning and noticed he stirs his coffee clockwise ten times.
Or, perhaps, you always have to put your left sock and left shoe on before the right.. no exceptions.  Or maybe your cat will not eat his food out of his bowl.  Instead, he drags it out to the floor with his paw and eats it (this is what my cat does).
We like to think we are just an average bear that does nothing out of the ordinary… but, we all have our little quirks. we all have our little idiosyncrasies.  The main character in my WIP always counts the steps she goes up or down. I cannot sleep without socks on.
What are some of your characters’ idiosyncrasies? 
Are any of their quirks actually your quirks?
Do you notice other people’s quirky habits?