Friday Flash Fiction – Sharon and the Scoont


Sharon sat at the dark, muddy lake with her toes just to the edge of the water.  She had been down to the lake for the last four nights hoping to see the Scoont that everyone else in her family had seen.  The stars twinkled like glitter in the night sky as the moon tucked in and out of the scattered clouds.  She said all the verses her family had told her to say; even said the last one twice:

Scoont of the sky of the night
The moon ever so bright
Scoont of darkness I plea
Wash the light over me

She giggled after the last line.  She always did.  Jake, her best friend, had told her the chant before he left for California five days prior.  He told her if the conditions were right, and she said the chant the correct number of times, the Scoont would come out of the water and kiss the tips of her toes.
She eyeballed the sky as she repositioned her toes exactly at the edge, whispering the chant as her eyes searched the sky for the biggest star.
A twig snapped in the distance and the darkness across the lake seemed to seep into the muddy water, stretching across the dollops of scum almost to the shore.
Trepidation seeped into Sharon’s mind as she pondered her timing.  She thought back to what Jake had said about character.  When calling the Scoont out, complete trust had to be shown.  One shred of doubt and the Scoont would turn vicious.
Another twig snapped and she felt someone there with her.  She couldn’t figure it out, but she knew she wasn’t alone.  She saw lights in the distance.  Were they fireflies? Stars? Or were they eyeballs being kissed by moonbeams?
She gulped hard as she tried to speak but all that came out was a whimper.
“Positive, Sharon.  Positive,” she whispered to herself as a dark cloud swallowed the moon leaving Sharon alone with the eyes.  Sharon knew they were eyes now.  Her fear unleashed the wrong Scoont.  Tears streamed into her mouth as she noticed the eyes were gone.  Hot breath that smelled of rotting meat beat on the back of her neck.
Fear had won.

The Walking Dead Chow Down – Shane Is Gone… Now What?

RIP Shane - You were our favorite loose cannon

Welcome to another edition of The Walking Dead Chow Down.  If you watched Sunday night you saw Shane killed by Carl and Rick.  And why not?  Shane was a… zombie?!  Who saw that coming?

The Walking Dead Community (that be us!) are in slight shock.  I find it interesting that two main characters were killed off the show so close together.  While Shane was the loose cannon of the group with his conspiracy theories and begging Lori to run away with him, he was also the one who kept a sense of reality in the group.

Toward the end of his reign of psychopathy, he just got weird.  Right?  I mean, especially the last episode when he was smacking himself… what was that all about?

Here is the one thing that is annoying the hell out of me… how everybody was so damn giving with Daryl’s gun!  Carl stole the gun (last episode) and failed to shoot the zombie with it (the same zombie that had Dale for a mid day snack).

Remember Shane gave Rick Daryl’s gun as he told him about what Carl said about the walker. And Rick tells Shane to keep the gun!  What? It isn’t your gun to give away man!  How many of you were screaming at the television like me?  Turns out, it behooved the group for Carl to have the gun in the end.

All in all, some of the thought process in the show brings me to my knees and leaves me beating my head on the floor.  Anyone else feel that way? It is good writing.  We need to be frustrated and emotionally invested in the show or we would turn it off.

Anyway – I felt like this episode was an “Amends Episode” of sorts.  There was all sorts of apologizing going on before the carnage of zombies and death.  It is so ironic how a small group of people are trying so desperately to live amidst so much death.

I am also trying to figure out why certain characters are getting killed off and not Lori. UGH!  Her trouble making antics are annoying… although, it will be interesting now since Shane is gone.  She will no longer be able to go back and forth between Shane and Rick.

Sunday is the last episode!  What is in the shadows? The future?  Will anyone die in the last episode?

Also, there is a good chance I will be moving my Walking Dead segment to Mondays.  Mondays get the most hits on The Walking Dead posts, but there are few comments.  Looks like I’ll be staying up late on Sunday nights next season!

The Walking Dead Chow Down – Survival

Zombies!Welcome to Thursday’s Walking Dead segment.  I hope everyone is enjoying the show so far. As a writer, I have to say, I am digging the writing on The Walking Dead. It is raw conversation and it helps suck me into the character dynamic.

Last week we talked about morality.  Go check it out if you like.  We will be here when you get back.

This week was all about survival. Two drifters happened into the bar that the guys were holed up in.  They were from Philadelphia aka Philly.  They were jerks (not all of us peeps from Philly are jerks!) It came down to survival.  There comes a time in an apocalypse that being selfish is necessary.  Glenn thinks of himself when a showdown goes down in the saloon as he cowers in another room.  Guess what?  He lives!

During the shootout zombies come into the hoopla (intense!) and one of the drifters winds up on an iron fence with a spike through his leg.

Picture it: some dude tries to steal your guns along with his buddy.  Zombie drama hits and one of the thieves gets injured. Do you:

a) cut his leg off and get him off the fence.

b) leave him to be eaten by flesh-eating zombies.

c) shoot him in the head out of humanity.

d) get him off the fence (while almost being attacked), blindfold him and bring him back to the colony so you can fix him up, give him water and some food and send him out on his merry way.

Well, I would have done (C).  Yeah, heartless, but during a zombie invasion, I think heart is the last thing I need.  Apparently, a lot of these Apocalypse survivors are still in touch with their feeeelings.  Which is why the group chose (D).  This annoyed me (as I am sure it annoyed most viewers).

Which would you choose?  Or would you find another alternative?

It looks like the group may split and go into a civil war of sorts.  I could be wrong.  Shane is trying to get Andrea to see things from his point of view. If that happens, there will be an interesting dynamic!

By the way:  click here to read a great interview with Scott Wilson who plays Hershel Greene.

The Walking Dead Chow Down – Morality

The Walking Dead

Welcome to the second installment of The Walking Dead Chow Down.  For the first installment click right here!

I spent Saturday with my redneck fireplace, oatmeal raisin cookies (with cinnamon chips) and the first season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. It’s amazing how we follow shows or read a book series, and while we remember what got us to the point we’re at, we forget a lot of the back story.

The first episode is a lesson in humanity. Sheriff Deputy Carl wakes  up in a hospital with a gunshot wound and has no idea what is going on. He quickly learns that there’s  no one around but hasn’t got an idea of why. He stumbles around town in his hospital gown until he gets knocked out by a kid.

So here’s the thing – there are living dead people.  And we don’t know.. we don’t know if they are conscious of their pain or there feelings.  In Season One/Episode One (S1/E1), there are a couple of walkers who have feeling in their eyes.  In one shot, Carl finds a house with a father and son.  Carl gets freshened up and gets the skinny on what is going down. A car alarm goes off outside the house and there, at the door, is the boy’s mother.  The father sends the boy away; he knows what he has to do.  He doesn’t like it.  But he knows.

If you haven’t gotten caught up on Season One go here.

So S1E1 got myself and my boyfriend in a conversation.  Could I kill someone who was suffering?  Not just anyone though.  Could I kill him (my BF) if he possessed sores and entrails hanging out as he tried to eat my flesh?

Um, yes.  I mean, there are rare times when selfish is okay.  When someone I love is moaning along with bits of flesh hanging off their face, the whole “I’ll feel awful” does not apply.

Season 2/Episode 1 (Actually Season One Part 2)

Well, the best part about the season premier was the show closed with a great song by Clutch called “The Regulator.”  As a huge heavy metal fan, that just cinched it for me.  Two new characters came to town Sunday night: Dave and Tony.  These two clowns hail from Philly in the show. They absolutely gave off a “do not trust us” vibe which made me kind of sad being a Philly native.  But it’s all cool.

Rick tried to tell them to go away nicely, but they weren’t having it.  I mean, could you feel bad for them?  I did for a moment, until the one guy started talking. After he opened his mouth with his slick talk, I could feel the “Philly talk” (bull poo) vibe and wanted him gone.

So there were two lines in the show Sunday night I want to discuss.  

1. THERE IS NO HOPE.  Is this ever true?  And if there really ever is NO hope – what do you do? Do you keep living?  And in doing that, does that imply that there is still hope? I mean, the guy was sitting at the bar feeling sad (understandable with no working plumbing and zombies around every corner) but just in sitting there talking about it, there is hope, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

2. DEATH IS DEATH. Hmm.. this is deep, eh?  It reminded me of DeNiro’s line in The Deer Hunter when he holds the bullet up and says, “this is this.”  That’s all it is.  It’s not fancy.  There is no deeper meaning.  It is what it is and it ain’t nothing else.  There is no magic.  It is just death.  So if death IS death – what exactly is it?

Thanks for joining me for The Walking Dead Chow Down… see you next week for more Zombie Stuff to pick apart (eewwwww).  P.S.  If you like fun, creepy off the wall stuff – check out my friend Catie Rhodes’ blog *Full-Tilt Backwoods Boogie*. I guarantee you’ll love it!

Flash Fiction Friday – Crawling

I came to the park to get away from stress.  Now here I lay, frozen on the mucky ground.  My brand new coat ripped and ruined.

Where the hell did that rock come from?  And who trips and falls on their back? Me.  That’s who. Well, at least the sky is blue.

Wait. What was that? Oh no.  I hear something in the brush next to me! I hope it is someone to help. Hello? can you hear me? I can’t move my legs.

No. No. No. Mr. Bear, please.  I just got this coat and it is so pretty! Don’t eat me.


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