The Walking Dead Chow Down – Survival

Zombies!Welcome to Thursday’s Walking Dead segment.  I hope everyone is enjoying the show so far. As a writer, I have to say, I am digging the writing on The Walking Dead. It is raw conversation and it helps suck me into the character dynamic.

Last week we talked about morality.  Go check it out if you like.  We will be here when you get back.

This week was all about survival. Two drifters happened into the bar that the guys were holed up in.  They were from Philadelphia aka Philly.  They were jerks (not all of us peeps from Philly are jerks!) It came down to survival.  There comes a time in an apocalypse that being selfish is necessary.  Glenn thinks of himself when a showdown goes down in the saloon as he cowers in another room.  Guess what?  He lives!

During the shootout zombies come into the hoopla (intense!) and one of the drifters winds up on an iron fence with a spike through his leg.

Picture it: some dude tries to steal your guns along with his buddy.  Zombie drama hits and one of the thieves gets injured. Do you:

a) cut his leg off and get him off the fence.

b) leave him to be eaten by flesh-eating zombies.

c) shoot him in the head out of humanity.

d) get him off the fence (while almost being attacked), blindfold him and bring him back to the colony so you can fix him up, give him water and some food and send him out on his merry way.

Well, I would have done (C).  Yeah, heartless, but during a zombie invasion, I think heart is the last thing I need.  Apparently, a lot of these Apocalypse survivors are still in touch with their feeeelings.  Which is why the group chose (D).  This annoyed me (as I am sure it annoyed most viewers).

Which would you choose?  Or would you find another alternative?

It looks like the group may split and go into a civil war of sorts.  I could be wrong.  Shane is trying to get Andrea to see things from his point of view. If that happens, there will be an interesting dynamic!

By the way:  click here to read a great interview with Scott Wilson who plays Hershel Greene.


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