The Walking Dead Chow Down – Crossroads

Zombies... Everywhere

Welcome to another segment of the Weekly Chow Down.  The plot twists are getting interesting as the dynamics between characters change.  Last week we discussed survival.

This week there was a crossroads for a lot of characters.  There was even a scene with an actual crossroads in it, which got me thinking there is always a little more under each episode than what I am watching.

This week Maggie’s little sister attempted suicide.  It was definitely not a legitimate attempt.  Andrea (my favorite character in the apocalypse) knew inside of herself that the girl wanted to live.  Well, she didn’t know… she had a hunch and her hunch paid off.  I got two things from this storyline:

1) Andrea has no time for bull.

2) Andrea at some point in her life was in a dark place and felt like this little girl.

Of course, the drama queen of the show, Lori, doesn’t see it this way.  She seems to have  a notion in her head that one day the world is going to wake up and this whole thing will be a giant misunderstanding.  Her unborn baby will live a life of love and butterflies and all the inhumanity will be swept away.

Lori annoys the hell out of me.

So after all the hoopla settled, Maggie told Andrea to get out of the house.  Andrea tried to reason, but Maggie didn’t want to hear any of it. Lori stood there with that spineless look on her face.  It is difficult to reason with someone who has lost hope.

Let’s flash over to the other side of town where Rick and Shane are having a moral battle about how to get rid of people they don’t particularly know.  Rick at this point is a mad man.  He is all about saving himself and whoever is strong enough to be saved along with him.  The punk kid who came into it after the scene at the bar is still around and is a small pawn in the episode with Rick and Shane.  The two of them get into a fist fight and take out all the rage and betrayal they remember on each other.

Shane is not playing with a full deck, true. But when Shane is trapped in the school bus with school bus with Walkers pounding on the door and glass, he sees Rick running away with the kid.  Rick then happens upon a dead sheriff and deputy lying side by side.  It gets to him and he goes back (it has to – Rick is one of the more humane of the group).

I honestly think Shane will be forbidden from the house.  Andrea is kicked out. These two are going to team up together and make a go of it.  I think they’ll snatch whatever weapons they can find and be gone.  Neither of them have any family or loved ones to hold them to the house.

What do you see in the future for Shane and Andrea?  If you need to get caught up on any episodes check out

Thanks for stopping by and remember  – it’s always a good idea to have a limitless supply of water and Twinkies!

Talk About It Tuesday – Beached Dolphins & a Burger Thief

Welcome to another edition of Talk About It Tuesday.  This segment starts of a bit more serious than prior weeks.

Dolphins are said to be some of the smartest, social mammals in the world.  They are similar to humans in that they are social creatures and are known to have sex for pleasure rather than for reproduction alone. Learn more about dolphins and marine wildlife at

In Cape Cod, over a hundred dolphins have stranded themselves on the beach.  They were checked out for any health related issues.  After determining the dolphins were in good health, they were tagged and sent back out to the ocean.
Image: Michael Booth/IFAW

As a dolphin (and all around nature/animal/mammal) lover, “dolphin strandings” fascinate me.  It is interesting because Dolphins are smart – which I already stated.  They communicate, use tools, have sex for pleasure, get into fights with other dolphins and travel in social groups.

Back to the stranding of the dolphins.  So it’s not one or six, or even twelve dolphins.  129 dolphins have stranded themselves in the last three weeks.  92 of these dolphins died.  More dolphins keep coming.  And no one knows why.

Me being me (without a degree in science), I think the worst.  I have read about animals fleeing a region or area shortly before a natural disaster hits. Check out this Discovery article.  Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like two flamingos are chilling down in Miami and then suddenly:

Fred Flamingo: “Ya feel that?”

Frank Flamingo: “Sure did, Fred.  Storm’s coming.”

Fred Flamingo: “Yeah, I felt it two hours ago.  Got my stuff packed and ready to go.”

Frank Flamingo: “Same here.  Last time I got stuck in migration traffic. Damn near had one of my legs ripped off.”

Or maybe it does go that way. Sometimes I think that animals have mental telepathy and actually do communicate with their minds. Like when my cats sit and stare at each other from across the room.

Ooookk… I’ve said too much.

Back to the dolphins.  The amount of beached dolphins in recent weeks is alarming and I feel like it is the beginning of a super creepy movie.  You know, kind of like The Happening when all the birds dropped dead?  Yes, that story is absolute fiction

Do you have any theories on the beaching of the dolphins?

In quirkier news, James B. Summers walked into a Madison, WI Denny’s and straight into the manager’s office.  James told the manager that he was now in charge.  James then cooked himself a cheeseburger (and fries) and ate almost all of it.  Authorities came to arrest the “Burger-ler”  and as he was about to be led out he shouted “This is why you don’t dine and dash kiddies,” to the perplexed patrons.

Ah, just another addition to my “reasons I don’t eat fast food” list.  Have you ever encountered a looney character in a public place?

Thanks for joining me for this segment of Talk About It Tuesday! 😀


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