The Who and What

After unsuccessful adulting in Philadelphia (thank you rampant drug and alcohol addiction) I wandered into Bucks County, PA. After numerous failed attempts at self-sabotage, I got sober on May 24, 2006, and now reside happily with my husband and Spirit the Cat.

While sobriety is now a cornerstone foundation in my life, my tales of debauchery still glisten in my mind like an oxidized penny.

I’ll share some of that here along with other pieces of creative nonfiction.  And memoir excerpts. Not things.  Things could be anything. Right? Yes.


I clean up bad writing.

I make wordy nonsense into clear, sensible copy.

I write shiny new words to draw in readers and clients.

Rates are negotiable but hover in the $40/hr range.


  • short stories
  • articles
  • poems
  • novels!

Questions or comments? Let me know here:


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