What You’ll Find Here

While I originally called this blog “the daily woman” I am kicking myself in the arse for doing so.  It is about way more than being a woman.  That’s for darn tootin’.

Sober Living – Life At Full Throttle is a writing blog  crammed with stuff you may be interested in…  or not.  I have been sober for six years and counting.  On my journey through sobriety I discovered riding a motorcycle is an excellent way to free my mind as well as enjoy the road in a new way. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey.  I promise to keep it interesting.

Feel free to leave feedback!  I welcome all types, be they positive or negative.   I am getting the hang of this blogging thing and digging it in a major way.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Sober Living – Life At Full Throttle…

Darlene Steelman

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