Remain ever fearless

Uncompromising in your quest

For absolution

For salvation

Despite devotion and support from others

Understand that only you can count on you

You are your foundation

You are your blanket

You just are

And you are stunning.


Happy International Women’s Day! Stay true to you and always caress your soul. 

via Daily Prompt: Uncompromising

Image: Pixabay


Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

5 thoughts on “Uncompromising”

  1. Beautiful writing. You can really emphasize one of the meanings of “uncompromising” very fluidly. I felt the vibes fiercely reading.
    I haven’t written much poetry. As a matter of fact, last year. I have been more into the writing aspects these days. Poetry used to come natural, but it seems far and few between these days. Not saying I gave it up. Just haven’t had the type of Inspiration to write topics in rhythms and verses.
    You have a wonderful talent/gift in your verses and rhythms, and I can feel the fierce energy behind them. That’s poetry!!!


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