Profuse means a lot. A whole heck of a lot. I will tell you, I am profusely annoyed these past two days despite maintaining a positive outlook on life and my hours between wake and sleep modes. My husband and I decided (not a New Year Resolution) to get in shape. I just turned 45 on January 30th and I not only feel old… but look old and feel totally fat and gross. So we found this thing called the Max Trainer and researched it profusely. It turns out that it is a good little machine and will help us. I also bought a scale and seeing that number (for each of us) shocked us into reality. We are old. We are out of shape. I think that pretty much sums it up.

Where I am profusely annoyed big time, is with this company that is supposed to come out and put this thing together. “Oh, we’ll call you in 24 to 48 hours after you get the machine.” Okay, they called me three days later and told me when they would be out. I said, “no way, that doesn’t work.” They asked me for three new times and told me again, they’ll call me back in 24 – 48 hours with a new time.

What the………………….? Am I trying to get an exercise machine put together or see the Ark of the Covenant? Come on people, get your **** together.

So now, we wait. We do have the option to assemble it ourselves and if this doesn’t go the way we would like (meaning, having the thing assembled by this weekend and working out!) we’re going to do it ourselves. There is a video and a lot of people said it takes about an hour and is fairly easy to assemble.

We’re trying to avoid self-assembly… but for them to take over two weeks to come out and assemble it is ridiculous to me.

So, we’ll see! Let’s keep our fingers crossed. 🙂

In the meantime, we are also changing our diet. Can I tell you we decided to eat all the junk food in the house up until after Sunday (GO EAGLES!) and then, we are on a quest for healthy mind, body, and soul!

Does anyone know any groups for keeping weight and goal accountability? I am in one on Facebook, but it is hard to keep up with it.

Rock your day today you awesome person you!

Image: Pixabay

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

2 thoughts on “Profuse”

  1. I feel for ya, Sister. I was 45 a couple of decades ago. Do what you can now. I’m lucky that I’m sharing life with My Beloved Sandra who, after arming herself with a couple of online videos (Believe me, there’s a video for ev-er-y-thing!) would definitely undertake machine assembly on her own. (And she’d HAVE TO undertake it on her own because wrenches and screwdrivers all look the same to me.)

    You’re right about this, too: The Patriots must go down. (I don’t dare say that aloud up here in Vermont, but Go, Eagles!)

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