Pluck the Pansies


Image: Pixabay


When I was little, I was a kid. And when I was a kid, I did things because I wanted to do them. I had no insurgent idea about right and wrong or good and bad.

I just was.

Others instilled inside of me the fears, doubts, hopes, dreams, love, hate, good and bad that leaked inside me and I carried this into society as I grew.

That’s how it goes.

One day, I was standing in my grandmother’s yard, awed by the beauty of flowers by the front step. Their bright petals with the dark colored faces stunned my thoughts as I stood motionless; the beauty captivated my little mind and I needed to be closer.

I bent down and smelled the brilliant blooms and just like that, I plucked the delicate flower from its bed.

I plucked it for my own selfish needs – for no other reason. I just wanted it.

I stole its little life.

I skipped away with my new trophy.

I would steal flower lives intermittently as my life swirled and changed. They were so pretty, so magical.

I wanted to be like the flowers I picked.

Then one day long after that day…

It didn’t matter how many flowers I picked.

They would always die. And so would my happiness.


Later, after many withered flower carcasses…

I let the flowers just be – as I just was – and I would visit them.

And their enchanting beauty would be there.

Just as I was.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

12 thoughts on “Pluck the Pansies”

    1. Thank you. I think cut flowers are pretty… but they still make me kind of sad. I just tell myself that it was their dream to be a cut flower! lol – I think differently than most.
      Budgies are adorable… I never saw one that looked like a pansy. 🙂

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  1. Welcome back.. I missed your posts…. that leaked inside me and I carried this into society as i grew… Best line ever.. To describe growing up.. I don’t think the deep connection of lines.. It didn’t matter..till…So would my Happiness.. Will be understood by many.. If I am correct it represent decisions.. Wrong one I am afraid.. But i could be wrong.. Great post..

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  2. This is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing it. I guess as we grow older, we can be pleased that we are wise enough to not pick all the flowers like we did as kids, but it sure is fun being a kid at heart!

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  3. Loved the thoughtfulness behind the words. Introspective of then and now and how we change perspective as we walk life’s path. Those flowers you plucked had meaning were special and important otherwise they would have been unimportant. I love cut flowers, but they don’t last and I’ve taken to buying potted plants, but nothing infuses my heart with as much joy, as when someone buys me a vase of cut flowers to enjoy. Just saying.


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