Crisp Beauty


Image: jbom411@pixabay

We all have a place we like to go when things get unbearable… or maybe we go there when things get great. Maybe we go there for no reason other than we just want to be there.

If I could live in any season for the rest of my days, it would be autumn. The crisp, cool air coupled with bright, crunchy leaves hanging off of tired trees as the Earth prepares for a winter slumber reminds me of a true fantasy world.

Even the air smells better in autumn… could it be pumpkin patches and corn fields? Bright, blooming mums? Or maybe freshly baked apple pies with a touch of cinnamon perched on windowsills to cool in the crisp, autumn air? Or maybe it is just the air itself as it waves through forests, fields, and meadows lassoing the earthly scents and taking them on a journey to make us smile.

I take a week vacation at the end of every October to drive the back roads of Pennsylvania because nothing is more humbling than to see the natural, morphing beauty of my home state.

What is your favorite season? Do you like road trips?


Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

3 thoughts on “Crisp Beauty”

  1. I love the way that you described the smells and the aroma of that apple pie. I am a man for all seasons, but sadly now I live in Florida where we only have one season and that is hot. I do enjoy road trips and seeing new places. Pennsylvania is such a beautiful state and I used to love going up to the Pocono mountains, when I lived in New Jersey.

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  2. I’m one hundred percent with you about autumn! If I could look from September first to mid December over and over again, I’d be *so* happy! 😉 Pennsylvania in the fall is beautiful. Good choice!

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