The Stepping Stones of Life

Stepping Stones“Sometimes shit is going to go wrong in your life. Sometimes, you’ll feel like everyone is stabbing in you in the back and you can’t catch a break. These are the moments to take a step back. Step back and ask yourself if you are trying to make something work that wasn’t meant to work for you… Sometimes things don’t work out because that path you’re on is just that: a path… that path is filled with ‘Stepping Stones.’ Some of those stepping stones are big, some small, some slippery, some beautiful, some painful.
Those stepping stones are part of your life journey… and when you navigate those big slippery stones that are painful… that’s the universe telling you that you’re growing and it’s time to take the next turn.”

Where Are These Going?

So, I decided to start my blog back up again for a few reasons.  I sent a test entry and got a lovely reply back which made me feel good.

But…. where is my blog?  I go to and it takes me to that site.  I type in and it takes me to the life at full throttle blog.


I’m sure I’ll get to the bottom of it.

Any thoughts on this readers?

Thank you.