I Tanked On The Blog Challenge!

Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)

Yes I did.  Ha!!  I have so much going on that I could not put together a post for every day of the month to publish for my readers.  I am truly, deeply sorry.  I am writing music reviews for four websites and loving every moment!  I am not getting paid for my writing services and that is okay.  I am doing something I truly love while building my writing resume.

So stoked!

All the writing I have done over the course of my life (poetry, short stories, two novels, addiction blog and now music) has been amazing fun.  I love to write and have recently found that my passion is writing about music.  I have loved music since I can remember.  My grandmother used to tell me an interesting story about me.

When I was a baby, I wouldn’t stop crying one day.  She tried everything!  Finally, frustrated and overwhelmed, she wound up a music box and tossed it in my playpen.  I stopped crying immediately. To this day, I get sad when the music stops.

Will all my writing about music land me a well-paid gig for a big time music site or magazine?  I have no idea and no expectations.

Therein… lies the beauty.

I will commit myself to blogging a little more frequently on addiction in the coming weeks.

Have a blessed day.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

4 thoughts on “I Tanked On The Blog Challenge!”

  1. I tanked on the blog challenge too but instead I took up playing the guitar. Like you I have always loved music and now the guitar has a higher priority than the writing. I think I might be at the very beginning of a big change but I shall wait and see how it goes.


  2. Darlene, I refuse to participate in ROW or NANORIMO or other stuff designed to see how many words I can slap down in a specified period of time. I write the things that interest me at the pace I’m capable of. If other like to rush along and spew out words, so be it, but that’s not for me. Apparently it’s not for you either, so don’t kick yourself for that. Just write what you can and want to write. Be happy with your own work and let others take care of theirs.


  3. Sometimes a challenge serves to show you that it is not for you. I know quite a lot of people start UBC only to realize that daily blogging will never work for them.

    I seem to be hanging on, but I have realized that writing every day is not for me, either. I’ve actually been writing multiple posts in one day, to make up for missed days. It’s about sharing what you want to share, when you can.

    Good to hear you found something that makes you extremely happy. Hoping the best for you on this journey!


  4. Tanking on this is small – remember perspective! I thought about jumping in, but decided it was too big of a commitment. Keep writing what you want, when you can… your writing is fresh, original, thought provoking, and interesting.


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