J – Jealousy – Does It Ever Go Away?

When I was about thirteen, I was “dating a boy” and I remember standing on the street corner with him and some friends and this pretty girl walked by.  My “boyfriend” looked at her and I remember getting a twinge in my belly and then dismissing it.  After all, he was only watching a girl walk by.

Allegory of Jealousy
Allegory of Jealousy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fast forward a year to my new boyfriend (and the guy I would marry, have children with and divorce) who took jealousy to a whole new level for me.  I had never been jealous before.  If you had asked me what it meant at that age, I probably couldn’t have told you. I was young, silly and failing at fitting in to any group or click.

Now, after I married this guy and he berated, belittled and abused me, jealousy was something I came to know first hand.  He took to pulling out Playboy magazines and telling me he wished I looked like the women that donned those shiny, seedy pages. Furthermore, he would (for a year) compare me to his ex-girlfriend in every aspect. Each time he did these things (all in the name of love, of course) I felt smaller, less than and wanted to be what he wanted me to be.  I would get that angry little knot in my belly and start mentally beating myself up.

I still struggle with jealousy.  Some people ask me why… and all I can say is, “your perception of me and my perception of me are on different avenues.” People tell me I am beautiful, pretty, smart, etc. And sometimes I really do feel that way.

But all it takes is my perception of beauty, intelligence or confidence to grace my presence in the form of another woman and boom. I’m jealous, insecure and comparing myself.  And I almost always turn it inward.

So I pray, write snippets on ripped pieces of paper and throw them in my God Box.  I talk to my friends in the program about how I feel sometimes.  It helps.  I hope someday to vanquish my jealousy.

I’m definitely better these days… Progress, not perfection.

Do you get jealous?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

6 thoughts on “J – Jealousy – Does It Ever Go Away?”

  1. It’s so sad to hear about your experience. If you could start again, what would you choose? You were born a unique person with a destiny to fulfil and lessons to learn. You’ll get past the effects of a controlling man’s jealousy. Believe in yourself.


  2. The world doesn’t make it easy for us, that’s for sure. We are bombarded constantly with someone else’s idea of perfection. I still want to be someone else some times, then I feel guilty for thinking like that… when I realize I’m doing it, I try to make a mental list of what I’ve got going for me–some things may seem cosmetic, but most of the things I’m thankful for–that I’ve got going for me are ideals of beautiful (love, loyalty, fierce friendship, etc). It helps put things in perspective for me. I can always change the mask I wear… that other stuff is made of much stronger stuff.


  3. Nice thoughts. My favorite tool for self inquiry, Bryon Katie’s “Four Questions …’ (book) The third and fourth questions: How do I behave when I believe this thought? & Who would I be without it? I my case, I feel that I have grown immeasurably, and it came from deep writing. I am enjoying your A-Z. TY, Lisa


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