Out With the Old – A Time to Reflect

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As 2012 comes to a close… I have looked through my Penzu journal, gone through old notebooks and basically stepped back and looked at the canvas of my life.  It hasn’t exactly been a spectacular year… but then it has been a spectacular year.  I fell down a cliff on a quad, I celebrated six years of sobriety in May, I started going to Al-Anon (which changed my life!) and I ended a six year, toxic relationship never dreaming that I’d enter into a new relationship with a man who I am pretty sure was made just for me.

I read somewhere that when we order up the life we want to exact specifications, we just might get it.  Well, I seem to be on my way.

The Old:

Procrastination – Insecurity – Self-loathing – Laziness – Self-doubt – feeling unworthy in most situations.  Ahhh.. those old ugly beliefs and bad thoughts that I wish I could beat with a hammer.  However, thoughts are not tangible so I have to beat them with positive thinking!

The New:

Get it done! I am beautiful! I can and will prevail! Successful author!  I have to fake it ’til I make it – and my advice to all of you is to do the same.  Faking it ’til we make it is like a mental affirmation of determination that only we know about.  It kinda goes along with that whole “The Secret” thing.  Trust me – it freaking works.

How about you? What is your out with the old, in with the new for the coming year?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

11 thoughts on “Out With the Old – A Time to Reflect”

  1. Since last year’s resolutions had everything to do with accomplishing things for myself, I have decided that this year will be all about showing gratitude toward others. You have a good new year, filled with peace love and happiness!


    1. Hey there you awesome human being you! Gratitude is one of my favorite things! Any time I get to feeling poopy, I get grateful… it works.. Happy New Year to you!! May this coming year be your best one yet..


  2. Darlene, I am glad you are back! Sounds like you are finishing the year with a flourish and starting the new year in a good spot. Keep looking back and looking forward. As a teacher I find my ‘new year’ to be the time between the end of school and the beginning of school…. it’s more rhythmic for me. It is the time to look back at was good, bad, and ugly and make changes. Sometimes the changes are imposed and I have to roll with it and times the changes are of my own choosing. Regardless it is a time to reflect, renew, and rejuvenate. 12/31 is a time to rest, redirect and get ready for the last part of the year – in my opinion the best part of the year – it is when my studnets have mastered the first part of the curriculum and are ready for the more challenging reading, writing, and thinking. It’s all good. Have a happy new year and keep making those days count!


    1. Hi Clay… reflect, renew, rejuvinate.. love it! I am glad you can look back and see good parts of your year pertaining to your students.. that must be an awesome feeling to know that you are touching people’s lives! Take care and God Bless. Happy New Year, Clay!


  3. Darlene: I’m so happy to have met you. Your positivity is magnetic and radiates from every piece of your writing. I could say all the same things that you said here in this post about my own year. I am hoping that 2013 is the year my book is resuscitated and published. It has been a very good year for me. But I am taking your advice and faking it until I make it. Therefore, I’m going to assert that 2013 is going to be the best yet. I’m getting this shizz published, baby.


  4. Talk about a relatable post; you sure you weren’t writing about me? Best wishes. I look forward to more positive energy in 2013. Happy new year to you and yours!


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