Friday Flash Fiction – Resistance

Minetta Tavern
Minetta Tavern (Photo credit: Gandhu & Sarah)

Carson Smithers sat on the bar stool as the clock struck the eight o’clock hour.  He had been on that bar stool for the last three hours staring at the now warm beer on the ratty coaster in front of him.  The day’s work had ended in shambles along with a verbal tirade from his boss in front of his co-workers; even Jenny, the hot girl from the cubicle at the end of the hall.

“Hey, buddy, you gonna drink that or do you want a fresh one?”  The burly bartender asked as he wiped the old, wood bar down with a wet rag.  Carson watched as the bartender methodically picked up coasters, wiped, put coasters down, and wiped all the way to the other end of the bar without missing a piece of the bar or spilling a drink.

Carson looked up sheepishly and nodded while he pushed the perspiring glass to the edge of the bar and pulled his cigarettes from his pocket.

The jukebox started playing an unfamiliar country western song as someone broke the rack on the pool table.  Carson counted three balls that dropped into the pockets without looking at them rattling around on the fuzzy green felt of the table.

His eyes gazed across the pool table, across the jukebox, across the blonde-haired woman with the heaving breasts and over to the repaired wall to the left of all the action.  He remembered making that hole over ten years ago in a drunken rage over a different blonde-haired woman so long ago.

The bar stool shrieked as he pushed it back with his legs to stand up.  All of the memories that flooded back reminded him of all the reasons why he stopped drinking and took steps to change his life.

The bartender rushed down to Carson, “hey buddy, you leaving already?  You bought two beers and didn’t take a sip from either.  What gives?”

Carson tossed a ten-dollar bill on the bar and said, “Sorry, man.  I got to get to a meeting.”

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

13 thoughts on “Friday Flash Fiction – Resistance”

  1. Nice description, with just a bit of dialogue to break it up. Hopefully he doesn’t make a habit of returning to be reminded.
    One question – was the bartender just lifting coasters or drinks and their coasters (a neat trick) as he wiped his way down the bar?


    1. Thanks, Mike. Actually, I could have been more descriptive there… He was picking up both. Plain coasters, and drinks with coasters… It is a neat trick, and one I came to learn when I tended bar. 😉 Thank you so much for stopping by.. 😀


  2. BTW – I comment using my Facebook account, and your site seems to remember that I am going to do that. But sometimes it wont take the comment, does nothing when I click, so I need to tryl it again, yes, Facebook, then all is good. I assume is some WordPress thing. Or maybe my Chrome browser.


    1. I have been getting emails from people that are telling me they have a hard time commenting on my blog at times… Kind of bothers me. If it keeps up, I may have to take my show elsewhere.


      1. I just have to remember to tell it again that yes, I do want to use FB, then is OK. But can be annoying to know some might be just giving up.
        My pet peeve are Tumblr accounts that post stories, then don’t have comments turned on!


  3. I liked your Friday Fiction, I could imagine sitting, thinking, and then pushing back and leaving…. it takes courage to make changes and move forward thanks for writing


  4. Great flash fiction Darlene. I so have to get back into FF again. I used to learn so much from them and yet, haven’t had the time for ages. The editing of my MS has sucked the literary life from me – slurrp. And it ain’t pretty. X


    1. Hey Shah…. Thank you so much!!
      I try to do it every week, but life has gotten pretty crazy and I am really focusing on editing (final) my WIP and all the other non-writing aspects of life. I can totally relate to the slurpiness.
      You’re doing great so far…. 🙂 keep your head up and your fingers moving!


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