All About Perspective

What do you see?

Perspective.  We all have our own.  Some perspectives we learn over time while others we form on the drop of a dime.  I have said, in earlier posts, that I find people fascinating.  Their tastes, their mannerisms, and their idiosyncrasies.  But what I am really into is their perspective.

For example:  the glass to the left of this post.  Half full?  Half empty?  Too much?  Not enough?  Do you even care?

I was at a meeting last night and at the end, we all went outside.  A lot of us stand around and chitter chatter sometimes; getting to know each other and all that. I was talking to my old sponsor, and I spotted this huge bug on the wall to the right of me.  It was huge and beautiful, from my perspective.

I started to ease my hand under the bug (my mother had shown me how to do this just this past weekend) and my old sponsor started to become uncomfortable.

“Please, Darlene.  Don’t do that!” she begged me.

“Why?  It’s a harmless bug.  Look how cool he is,” I defended as I edged my hand under the left rear leg.

“Cool?  It’s ugly and it will hurt you,” she said.  I could hear her perspective from the fear in her voice.

I really wanted to hold this bug and get a better look at it.  From my perspective it was just a bug; a misunderstood bug judged solely on appearance.  My perspective saw beauty and uniqueness.

I decided to spare everyone (at this point more people were watching) the horror of me (gasp!) actually picking up a giant bug to revel in the beauty I saw in God’s little creature.  My old sponsor relaxed and so did a few other people after I moved my hand away from the bug.  I felt a little sad because I didn’t get to pick the bug up.

However, I am happy that I got to see it and that I didn’t cause mass hysteria! 😉

Life is all about perspective.

Have your perspectives ever changed?  How do you feel about bugs?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

10 thoughts on “All About Perspective”

  1. Thankfully, we all look at things a bit differently.Otherwise a pot-luck dinner would be all potato salad. I have a unique bend to life and not everyone gets me. I am at the point in life, where I don;t care what other folks think, so i do it. It’s all good and it’s all about moving forward, doing your best, making it count!


  2. Great post. I am always amazed by people who run screaming from bees. I have always been able to cup them in my hands without being stung. But people freak out. Until I’m in their house. Then they love my super power! Great post and old or you or knowing when to stop pushing the boundaries on people’s comfort level.


    1. Bees: I swear their nectar-high in the squash flowers we pick daily. All I do is flick the blossom and most of the time they come out. If not, I just pick the flower a little later, when the critter’s had its fill. They don’t bother anyone unless they feel threatened first.


  3. Nice post, Darlene. Interestingly enough, met hubby via the groups. Before we started dating he once shared about feeling lonely when a butterfly landed on his leg. That simple act and moment changed his perspective about feeling alone at that time. As per bugs, I’m so bad about killing anything (except silverfish and mosquitoes) and usually coax or trap bugs then put them back outside. And you’re right: there is a beauty to those creatures too. One day I’ll blog about the poor bats we tried to save at our cottage, lol.


  4. I don’t mind bugs, but I do mind spiders, try as I might to like ’em. My mom loved spiders, but I can only appreciate their usefulness intellectually. At heart? I’m still shuddering.

    My perspective on things has changed so much the last few years, I hardly recognize the lady who existed in 2007. It’s kinda fun that way. Means I’m not sleeping on the job of life!


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