ROW80 – Life, Living and GAH!

So… pretty much my Flash Fiction Friday commitment is a big flop because I have not one flipping story idea.  So, next Friday if I do not have a story idea, I am going to reblog one of my older ones and maybe that will get my creative juices flowing.

Today is my parents 40th wedding anniversary.  Wow.  I spent yesterday with the whole family and we went to the Cape May Zoo.  It was a great day.

On my goals:  meetings are in check, got a little editing/proofing done, commented on a few blogs over the course of the week and managed to get on Triberr only one time this week and share a lot of posts.  This week I am aiming for two.

I took a Chakra class Friday night, and that was a lot of fun.  It was a guided meditation and it really helped me look into myself a little deeper….

Goals for this week:

  • get back into blogging
  • proofing manuscript
  • sorting out my life
  • AA/Al-Anon meetings

I hope everyone else is having a great Sunday and has a great week!  Keep up the good work you guys and gals!

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

20 thoughts on “ROW80 – Life, Living and GAH!”

  1. Here’s an idea for Friday fiction. Instead of pressuring yourself to create a story, maybe just look at a photo and write for 200 words. Like go get a picture of your parents from their wedding day! That ought to get those juices flowing! Keep going, lady bug!


  2. Hey Darlene,

    Always fun when your posts show up in my Inbox. I feel the brain-is-story-idea-empty pain and admire your willingness to do all these smaller writing-related projects. I keep getting story flashes and am just starting to see how my lead characters need to be each other’s catalytic forces. I’m hoping when this draft is said and done, it will be worth something.

    Hang tough and I know you’ll make those goals for this week. I need to set a few of my own.

    Take care!


      1. My pleasure, Darlene. I’m always encouraged by your posts. Keep at it. Every pebble in the pitcher brings the water level up–eventually the crow be able to drink!


  3. I suspect you have a lot of ideas at the time, just not that you right away think are good ideas. When I get that way I try just writing badly about one of them anyway – can always select all/delete after, right?
    I find I surprise myself sometimes with an idea that suddenly takes off.


  4. sounds like we are struggling together, but in different places – hang in there, stay focused and keep moving forward. Happy Anniversary to your m&d – 40 years is a long time. My parents made it to 14 before they split, dad re-married and made it to 34 before passing, my in-laws just celebrated 65 – amazing, and I’m at 20 going on 21!


  5. because of your parebts 40th anniversary why dont you write a blog about thier influence on your life etc-just an idea but ur blogs are fantastic


  6. a story on an aniversary – a life lived – parents influences, life changes – oh life has so many stories out there and you live a full life – so pluck an idea and play with it, an old man on bus, child getting muddy anything you see on a walk, a flower. Perfection is not demanded, play is:)


  7. HA to M&D – awesome lasting s long together. There must be a story in that, but that might be too personal/close to delve into? Wehn I’m stcuk I prompt myself with images. Pinterest/G+ or even face book cane spark something. Some those high fantasy images on Deviant Art tottally move my inner storyteller. Keep pushing, write poop for long enough something great will appear ? XX


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