ROW80 – Getting Down and Dirty

So, I have been going to A LOT of meetings.  I even started going to Al-Anon, because hey, I am from a long line of alcoholics, so it makes sense.  And, as I go to these meetings (six a week) and I meet new people and hear new stories, I am finding out many things about myself.

Honestly, I can’t change me or my circumstances without rigorous honesty and self-awareness.  If I keep living in an imaginary bubble and pretend my life is just the way I like it, my life is going to stay exactly the way I don’t like it.

That is lame.

I went to the library Saturday and took out two books: “Make Your Creative Dreams Real” and “Become a Personal Trainer For Dummies.”

I know I am a good writer, and I love to write.  My dream has always been to be a best-selling author touching people’s lives, all the while living in an amazing house up the mountains somewhere.  However, what I am realizing is this:

I really love people.  I love talking to people, I love making someone’s day and, most of all, I love helping people.  People fascinate me.  Their mannerisms, their behavior, the things they say and especially the way they project the way they think.

And for some reason, whenever I journal or reflect on what I REALLY want to do with my life, it always comes back to helping people.  Specifically, it always comes back to becoming a personal trainer or an addiction counselor.

So that is where I am at.

My goals:

  • Write synopsis and query letter for “Bound and Broken.”
  • Come up with some flash fiction stories (I had NO idea what to write for this past Friday – sorry everyone).
  • Continue with meetings.
  • Do a mind map of goals, tools and resources to get on the right path.

That’s it for me!  😀  Where is everyone with their progress?  Do you ever find new goals as you tackle current ones?

Have a great week…

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

25 thoughts on “ROW80 – Getting Down and Dirty”

  1. My dad was addicted to various narcotics his whole life, culminating in a crappy life, being a crappy dad & husband, and an eventual vile death. I worked with adults and children who suffered similar afflictions and even thought I had an issue with alcohol myself, for a while. My bipolar disorder means that although I love people and behaviour (hence the psych degree and counselling qualies) they wear me out. So I had to abandon that part of my life. But it is a very worthy job and although not easy, it gives back, not only to those whose lives you touch, but to yourself.

    To do this work, they want people who come from personal experience, who have abundant energy and self awareness. I know you’d do marvellously Darlene. It’s always a pleasure to see you continue to grow. X


  2. A glint of wisdom gleaned from my years and years of experience. (I’m 72) At some point there needs to be some action, some concrete activity, taken as a first step to achieving a goal. Sounds to me like you have done so.


  3. This is an awesome and inspiring post. I have been doing some soul searching lately and I think some of the steps that you are taking may help me.
    Keep up the great work and your meeting attendance. You are doing the right thing- help you first then you can help others. Im excited for you!


  4. You are to be congratulated, nay extolled, for your courage to look hard and long. Human beings live in a perpetual state of contradiction: saying they want one thing while acting like someone who wants the opposite; saying they believe in something yet acting like they believe in the opposite. And here’s the kicker-without ever realizing it. So our perpetual searches take us unerringly to exactly what we don’t want, and we never seem to stop and ask a good, hard, why. So hats off to you, for it isn’t easy, and it’s often not fun, but it is the only start toward freedom.And freedom from our unknown and false selves is what we so long for.


  5. I love posts like this! It inspires me to take another look at mine. My priority for my life right now is to get a job. This means that writing has taken a back seat and blogging too. I need a full time job. And that is just it. Beyond that, when I do actually find work, I plan on cutting back on how many reviews I do for my blog (lo and behold, those end up being a lot of work), including books and products. And maybe even cutting back on giveaways.

    My goal is to still finish my novel’s edit by the end of the year and even with this interruption I think I can still make it.

    Like you said, new goals arise while your focused on others. Although it isn’t a new goal, I am primarily focused on finding work, and that will have to be my main goal right now.

    Thank you for a thought provoking post!


    1. Hey, Nicole.. yeah, eating is pretty important as well as having a roof over your head.. finding a job is definitely a top priority! 🙂 I have faith in you that you will finish your novel by year’s end. Hang in there and take care.


  6. yup – one of the hardest things is to evaluate oneself honestly – if and when it is done – life becomes more contented – it really does – but very hard to evaluate in the first place – difficult to abandon cherished life styles and courage is needed to put in place the changes – well done girl you are doing so well – keep smiling:)


  7. I like the way you’re taking charge of your life and understanding what it is you really want. And most of really want lots of things, not just one. But there’s always that one special thing that means the most to us. It sounds like helping people in some way is an important thing for you. That doesn’t mean you can’t do the other things, like writing, it just means that some things are more important than others. As your life becomes more focused on the things you want, and as you work toward those, I think you’ll find much more peace in your life. I’m sending good thoughts your way!


    1. Hey Lauralynn! Thanks for the good thoughts.. I sure do appreciate them. The last two days have been spent researching my goals. Classes, time, money, etc… Have a fantastic week!


  8. Those sound like some interesting books you’ve borrowed. Hopefully they’ll fire up your creativity even more. Good work on taking that step and actively deciding what you need to do in life. I definitely think you will reach your goals 🙂


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