ROW80 Update – I Tumbled When I Should Have ROWed

You know how some people are physical creatures (running, water-skiing, dirt bike riding, quadding) and others are slightly more intellectual and then there are those who are some of both? Well, I was once the “both creature” but somewhere along the way I lost my physical edge.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went up to Ashland, PA for an exciting adventure into trail riding.  I had not ridden a quad (four-wheeler) in almost ten years.  I was given a speedy lesson on how to operate the controls, how to steer, yadda yadda.

I lasted seven whole minutes before I could not steer the darn thing to the left away from the hill (and the tree).  I screamed (yes!  I could not believe it either) as I tumbled down the hill, the quad staying with me as the handle bar drove into my pelvic area and I almost hit a tree.  The quad landed on top of me as Andy (my BF) and our friend Steve ran to my rescue.

I broke no bones, I did not go to the hospital and I did not bleed!  So it was a good day.  I did almost throw up from the adrenalin rush as I gingerly walked up the steps to the bedroom to lie down.  I still cannot really move my left shoulder well and my left leg is not moving the way I want.

These are the moments I know someone is watching over me.  I could have broken my collar-bone and my pelvis simultaneously. These are also the moments as I realize I am a writer first and foremost.  My daredevil days of flying down highways (and dirt trails) and risking my life for the “rush” are over.

It was still an amazing day as I snapped pictures of birds, flowers and other oddball things.

Now onto the ROW:

  • continue to edit WIP
  • continue to write in Penzu each day
  • read/comment blogs
  • Triberr at least three times a week
  • AA meeting this week
  • start looking at publishers.

That’s my ROW list of goals.  How is your ROW coming along?  Did you have a good week/weekend?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

21 thoughts on “ROW80 Update – I Tumbled When I Should Have ROWed”

  1. thats typically you darlene looking for the posotives which are very true it could have been medically serious but you count your blessings i love your posotive outlook and your writing


  2. Please tell me you were wearing a helmet. Quads can be a bit dangerous. The first time I injured my shoulder (yes there have been more than one, even more than two) I was riding behind my cousin on one of those, teaching her how to drive it. She ended up in the same situation. Pointed dead at a tree. Fortunately, there was no hill, and she was too scared to go too fast. Just, it seems, fast enough to throw me off. My mother was not happy. Mostly because I had insisted on my cousin wearing the only available helmet. All of the parents were quick to point out that we had just lost a cousin in a quad accident when the quad rolled and she cracked her skull on a rock. I think more helmets were bought soon after that.
    Baby yourself for a bit, get all your sore spots moving right again. Glad you were able to walk away.


    1. Oh.. I am so sorry you were injured… 😦 I am thankful I didn’t continue to tumble down the hill, it was quite drop. And yes, I was wearing a helmet. I always wear a helmet when I ride anything.. 🙂


  3. Least you still got to enjoy your day and now you have a funny story to share about quads 🙂
    It’s been so long since I did anything that was physically dangerous! Think it’s time to get out of my comfort zone.


    1. Hi Emma! I do have a funny story to tell.. 😉 I said to my boyfriend on our way home .. “It’s always an adventure with me, hmm?” And he laughed and said.. “every time.” 😀
      I guess I keep it interesting..
      Looking forward to hearing about you stepping out of your comfort zone. Have fun!!


  4. Wow, that must have been scary – yes deinitely stick to writing in future. You’ve reminded me why I prefer not to do anything too energetic. Good luck with your goals this week!


  5. I hear this BIG TIME! I am now the most sedentary person my age, that I know. Everyone goes to the gym or skiing and climbing and horse-riding etc, I stay in, write, read, go to the movies, eat, sleep. I’m glad I have a small appetite otherwise I’d have a weight issue. Anyway, if oI do go to the gym I’m in agony for a week because my muscles are in shock and my shoulder (whip-lashed years ago left them sensitive) and knee joints(have been dislocating on and off since I was ten) flare up! No thanks.

    Thrills are not only found in physical pursuits. 🙂 Have a great week. X


    1. Eeek! That is good you have a small appetite then.. I do not, and while I was thin all of my life, these days weight is catching up with me. So true about thrills… Have a great week yourself, Shah!


  6. So the next time you want to go quad running, put a character on the quad and let them roll down the hill while you watch from the safety of your keyboard *grins* Just kidding, sounds like a grand adventure, although I have to agree, the days of living on the rush don’t last nearly as long as the days trying to remember our bodies can’t take the pace anymore. Bravado always dies a slowly.

    Hope you recover well and that you have a fantastic week, Darlene 🙂


    1. Hey Gene.. thanks so much… i like the idea of putting a character on a quad in a similar situation as the one I was in Saturday. I am still hurting today, but made it to work.
      Enjoy your week! 🙂


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