Flash Fiction Friday – Hide and Seek

Sherry sat at her kitchen table stone faced.  Her cell phone sat on that same table, stone faced as well.  Moments ago, it vibrated in a violent rage as she stared out the rain-covered window.  She knew who was texting her. He had been texting her for the last four days.

The messages were non-stop. Some of them were cute, some of them were funny and then they got a little flirty.

That was in the beginning.

This morning she was having none of it. She sat at the table, her bright yellow mug filled with extra strong, sweetened coffee and stared at the phone.

Today, she would end this.

She took a sip of her coffee and closed her eyes as she savored the taste.

Bzzz, her phone sounded.

I miss you.  Please talk to me, the message read.

She picked the phone up. She wanted to text him back, “go to hell!” But she knew better. The phone buzzed in her hand.

“One New Message” the screen read.

Her thumb hovered over the button to read it. A nauseous feeling came over her as she pushed the button to open the message.

I love you.  Please let me show you how much.  Better yet, why don’t you just turn around… 🙂

Sherry’s face drained of color as she heard the floor creak behind her.  She tried to stand up, to run, but fear cemented her to the chair.

Then she felt the hot breath on her neck.

The game of Hide and Seek was over.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

7 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday – Hide and Seek”

  1. my thinking on this is that bpd sufferers hide(mask)emotions and tend to push people away before they can push you away(abandonment), i think if im reading something into it and isnt there-well i enjoyed it anyway


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