The Rickety Row 80

Ok, so this past week has not exactly gone according to plan.  I seem to be in a funk when it comes to getting back into my WIP.  I haven’t really read many blogs and my excited energy of getting into May with a bang has deflated.

I have been doing a lot of journaling and reflecting.  I have been writing in upwards of about 400 – 500 words a day in terms of Penzu.

I have been on Triberr when I think of it which has been about every other day.  I have “liked” a lot of posts and read a few.

My biggest concern now is my daughter and myself.  I have deep concerns about the direction of my life and my dependency on my boyfriend.  It is way too personal to get into here, but my reflection has been strong and my honesty at times overwhelming.

I am at a crossroads and as I stand here looking in all the directions my head is swirling with anticipation and doubt.

What does the future hold? Not sure, but I think it is going to get exciting!

My goals for this week:

  • continue to reflect and journal.
  • get to an AA meeting.
  • write a flash fiction piece.
  • read/comment at least three blogs a day.
  • get on Triberr once a day.

I hope everyone else’s goals are coming along… y’all rock!  🙂

Stay true to yourself and never settle.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

15 thoughts on “The Rickety Row 80”

  1. Hi Darlene, as I read your post I felt a lot of the same things. My life is also at a crossroads and I’m excited about it.

    Here’s to both of us doing the best for ourselves that we can!


  2. You rang a bell with me, specifically about my financial dependance on my hubs. I heard today that money I have coming in for disability is about to stop – it was my only independent fund and this leaves me without anything of my own. I have never been in this position before and hate it. IT’s scary, but it makes the success of my book even more paramount.

    Make the most of that AA meeting, cuddle your kiddie, keep those thoughts flowing out of your head (better out than in as they say) and good luck for the week ahead. Times like this, anything is possible. Makes me tingle! 🙂


  3. crossroads? exciting and scary – all good wishes to you – I am sure whichever path you chose it will be okay (maybe in time, but okay) remember those clouds and their linings:)


  4. I’ve never heard of Penzu. I used to be so good for writing a journal but now I never write personal thoughts down. Whatever happens in the near future, I wish you the best Darlene.


  5. I was wondering what to call it when I skip by writing objectives and stare into space- reflecting! Thanks.
    Complicated to make choices when kids are involved, but usually they swing the balance in an obvious direction, I’m sure you’ll figure things out. Just keep on writing those thoughts down – even if for just your eyes. And of course we’re all here for you.


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