A to Z Challenge ~ T is for Time

A clock made in Revolutionary France, showing ...
A clock made in Revolutionary France, showing the 10-hour metric clock. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Time” is a wonderful song by Pink Floyd.  It is Track Four on their 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon. I was reading up on this as it is one of my all time favorite Pink Floyd songs. I learned that this song is the only song that credited to all four members of the band.
This song is about life.  More so, about how we let it just pass us by without little thought until we wake up one day and look around and all we have is age.
“And you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking.  racing around, to come up behind you again.  The sun is the same in a relative way but you’re older.  Shorter of breath, and one day closer to death.” ~ Pink Floyd, TIME 1973.
This is one of the truest lines I have ever heard in a song.
We (most of us) go through life just existing.  I am guilty of the same.  I am no camel or llama on a hill that knows all.  I speak from experience.  Don’t we all?
Here are some “time” phrases:
“Only time will tell”
“Time is on my side”
“Give it time”
“One day at a time”
“Time is of the essence”
“TIme flies”
“Take your time”
Today, take some time for yourself and really get to know you.

What makes you tick?  What is your passion?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

9 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge ~ T is for Time”

  1. I must have listened to that song a thousand times, and wore out several LPs and cassette tapes of the album. I still have a copy on cassette, and carry it in my pickup (my pickup is old, too!) The lines you site from the song are some of the most awesome lines ever put in a song.
    Time… one could ponder it forever.
    Excellent write, Darlene!
    I don’t know if I passed this one along to you yet, but it relates in a way:


  2. I’m a HUGE Pink Floyd fan. HUGE. I’ve seen them in concert several times, and this was nice to wake up to. I should probably write something about how every man I’ve ever loved has loved Pink Floyd. Except my husband. Weird, right? 😉


  3. i read that the “dark side of the moon” album was inspired by a band member who had a sudden onset of a mental illness that caused him to greatly withdraw from society, kind of became a recluse. and the whole album is exploring things that might cause us to suddenly change. also, the album is all songs with one-word titles, each thing being explored as “how might this change us?” like time, money, and whatever else is on the album because i don’t know it well enough to just know the songs. but i bet you do…


    1. Well, I am pretty sure you are correct on the first part.. about the member who went mad.. but there are only four titles on the album that are one word. However, there are a few titles that could be associated with madness. I’ll have to read up on that. It is definitely an interesting concept.


  4. Great song by the original “Pink” one. Passion… hmmmm words, communication, writing… yep that’s something I am passionate about.


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