A – Z Challenge ~ R is for Reinvent

sunny day
sunny day (Photo credit: jhoc)

How do we reinvent ourselves? We have to change things up. Reinventing means taking something old and making it different. We reinvent ourselves when we take a long hard look at what is going on in our life and figure out what is or is not working.
Maybe you have a bad attitude at work or maybe you wear the same damn type of clothes every single day or you read the same types of books all the time. CHANGE IT UP!

When we reinvent ourselves we are giving our self permission to step outside the box – that box of fuzzy blanket comfort – and recharge our batteries.

Maybe you had your eye on a new journal to write in that will bring forth ideas for that book you have been wanting to write or maybe there is a class that you have been wanting to take because you just know it will do you tons of ooey goodness.

I’ll tell you what.  All the nerve I possess I can thank my Gram for.  She never let me be a sissy and stay in the same humdrum routine when I was a little girl.  She taught me that if I want anything to change I have to change it.  I have to reinvent it.  I reinvent myself each day when I try something new or put a positive spin on a negative situation.

You can do it too!

The Day’s Ponder:  When was the last time you reinvented yourself?  Write down three ways you can reinvent yourself.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

14 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge ~ R is for Reinvent”

  1. one was new clothes. i realized, after the help of a good friend, some of my clothes were kind of outdated. and i often wore the same few things. a friend’s husband made some jokes about it, but not in front of me, but it got back to me. she was nice enough to explain, or try to, and then another friend came with me to do some shopping. it was a fairly new job (a year) and with younger people. i was 40 and they were about 25. but they accepted me well and we’re still friends. that was 10 years ago. they sometimes come for the weekend to my beach place.


    1. that’s so awesome that people ultimately reached out to you and helped you out rather than letting you walk around clueless while other people make fun of you. 🙂
      You have a beach place? Sweet!


  2. I cannot remain stagnant. It drives me crazy. How people can be happy sitting in front of a t.v. all day is beyond me. I guess to each his own, but I have to talk to people, wander around outside, write something new every day even if it’s a piece of dribble. I have to step outside my comfort zone. Hopefully something will stick. 🙂


  3. It’s not that hard to step outside the box, but so many are afraid to try it. Sure, it’s different, but the box will still be there for a bit, so you can always pop back in. Of course, after a while you may realize that out is the new in – you’re back inside another box. Time to step out again.


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