A – Z Challenge ~ Q is for Quarantine

Quarantine Island, Otago Harbour, New Zealand....
Quarantine Island, Otago Harbour, New Zealand. Photo from Heyward Point Road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Q words, Q words.. I had an awful time thinking of a Q word.  I made a list (did not check it twice – maybe I should have) and did some free writing.  And then I said:

“Ooh, Quarantine. How about that one? I like that one.”

We quarantine more than sick people. We tend to quarantine our emotions, right?

Especially when we feel our feelings are invalid. We quarantine them until they change into something much more acceptable. We quarantine our jealousy, our anger, our mistrust for starters. I am guilty of this almost every day. I just feel like such a bitch or a whiny little brat when I am talking about any negative feelings I may have. Sometimes I even quarantine my happy feelings because people might deem them inappropriate.

  • Have you ever quarantined your emotions?
  • Were you ever quarantined for being sick?

The picture shown is Quarantine Island, New Zealand.  Back in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s, passengers that arrived in Otago with infectious diseases were sent to this island until they either got better or died. I can imagine it would be difficult to get well on an island infested with sick people.  One building still stands, and restoration is in progress.

I have now added another destination to my bucket list.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

14 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge ~ Q is for Quarantine”

  1. I hear this Darlene – I think as I get older I do this less and learn that there are those people I can be less quarantined with. But it still is necessary now and then. Otherwise I’d have been pretty vile to my in-laws on several occasions recently! 🙂


  2. I quarantine my feelings all the time…and then I explode. It’s not pretty for anyone standing in the way though I feel a lot better when the storm has passed.


  3. in philadelphia, late 1700’s, there was a yellow fever outbreak. they’d quarantine people on boats in the harbor. from what i was told “quarantine” means 40. to quarantine someone meant to keep them somewhere for 40 days. if they were still alive, then okay. but as you say, sticking healthy people with sick people will just get them all sick.


    1. wow, in Philly, huh? That is so interesting.. I am from Philadelphia and I never heard this story… It makes sense that quarantine would come form “forty.” Thanks for stopping by.


  4. I was quarantined in a hospital once because of an infectious infection. I think it was called MERSA, which I do not remember if that is an acronym or the name of the disease. Hospitals are lonely places without being in a room by yourself. Everyone looked the same, all covered in blue gowns and purple gloves. So glad I am home (that was 13 years ago).

    I’d like to say I do not quarantine my emotions or anything else after that experience but that would not be true. i got well, and I am still human.


  5. I’ve never been quarantine but I’ve done it to others, back when I worked as an MD. It is a horrible awful mess of paper work. If only the walking dead would take over, then there would be no need for paper work!

    Nice post.
    From Diary of a Writer in Progress


  6. The idea of a quarantine island’s terrible. I can’t imagine what it was like for the people on it. Of course, does sound like a good prompt first story. (Wow that makes a sound sicko… But it’s okay, I’m a writer) I have quarantine my emotions before. Sometimes it is necessary for short periods of time. We just can’t leave them quarantined all the time.


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