A – Z Challenge ~ O is for Over Thinking

Over thinking.  UGH.  I do it a lot.  It destroys my sense of confidence after I made a choice. Did I choose correctly? Was there another option? Maybe I should have zigged instead of zagged.

Over thinking situations, blog posts, hell, even food shopping will destroy you without your knowledge until one day you are sitting in your living room surrounded by cases of bottled water and checker boards because you just can’t figure it out.

Tonight I went out on my new bicycle to trail ride at Neshaminy State Park in Bucks County, PA.  They have great trails packed with dirt, rock, stones, tree roots, mud and lots of hills. I was riding along at about five miles an hour and I saw the incline ahead.  I nodded.  No biggie.  As I got closer to the incline I freaked out because it was, like a serious freaking incline with a giant tree root smack in the middle. I began to over think.  I thought, no way.  I can’t do it.  What if I fall? I’ll feel like an ass. What if I break my ankle?  I’ll feel like an even bigger ass.

So wussified me hopped off the bike and walked it up the incline and down the decline and hopped back on.

I so totally felt so totally small.

As I rode on (trying to catch up to my boyfriend) I told myself the next go around I am freaking taking that hill!  No thinking.  Just do it. We looped around I knew that hill was coming. And I took it.  I rode through the fear and didn’t think.  I just did it. After I took that hill, my confidence shot up a few  notches and I started taking other paths that were a little more terrainish.

Are you an over thinker?  Does over thinking help or hinder you?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

15 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge ~ O is for Over Thinking”

  1. I am such an over-thinker it’s not funny, but mine is always based on other people’s opinions of me: “what are they going to think if I don’t do this? or ‘Others are going to think I’m a loser if I fail at this.”, or “I can’t go out in public like that. What would people think?” It’s kept me from doing a lot of stuff in my life because I can’t let everyone else down…like everyone else really cares, right? I have to think about all angles to make sure I’m pleasing as many people as possible. Good going for conquering that hill, both real and metaphorically. I’d have to get off and push, too, but that’s because I’m so out-of-shape.


    1. I so hear you on the “what other people think of me” deal.. I get like that once in a while these days, which is way better than how I used to be…
      keep at it! You’ll get back in shape in no time.. 🙂


  2. LOL…As I was reading your post Darlene I thought you were describing me! I overthink everything and always envy people that can jump right in and face consequences later (if there are any to face). Sometimes, like you, I can talk myself into just doing it, going for it, taking that chance…and I always feel giant afterward, but I can’t do it all the time.


  3. yeah, i overthink. last time i remember, i was on a date, we had dinner, were drinking wine at her place after dinner. i tend to talk aloooot. at one point i see this smile on her face, and i stop talking to say, “what are you smiling about?” she said, “shut up and kiss me.”

    i stopped thinking right about then.


  4. Oh, you’re from PA too? We moved to AZ from the Langhorne area in 2007. I’ve actually done the same thing, except on rollerblades instead of a bike. The hill always seems to look too big, too scary, too steep until you’re sailing down it, thinking “What a ride!”


  5. This is me all over – oh for a chance to switch off sometimes. Too much to do, too little time. Bleh… But you keep on – climbing or whatever – regardless. 🙂 Its the only way. If my many insecurities begin to throttle me, I rant at someone, avoid for a while, then end up doing it anyway. X


  6. Over think? Me? Naw (hides under the desk so no one will be able to counter me). Nope, never did it. Wait, let me think about that…


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