ROW80 Update – The Rowing is the Hardest Part


Yep.  This picture pretty much depicts my world as it stands right now.  Everything is driving me nuts and I am feeling burnt out.  I was journaling on Saturday and kind of came to a realization that I may be depressed. Now, not like crying in a corner surrounded by Twinkie wrappers depressed, but more of an I don’t feel like doing sh*t and I would rather just fade into the dust depressed.  Not sure which one is worse.

Hopefully, I have just had enough of working Saturday’s, Form 1040’s, 1120S’s, extensions, estimates, BPT’s **AIIIIEEEEEE!!!!**

Hopefully, this crap will drift into the sunset on a homemade twig raft, glued together with my burnt out brain matter,  and I’ll wake up next Saturday feeling refreshed because I don’t have to drag my ass into the office.

I am 99.9% positive that this is the case and that after April 17th, I will exhale and chin up a bit.

I won’t list the goals I have achieved, because the only one I am keeping up with is the 750words Challenge and the A – Z Challenge.

Everything else? Blah.

So my goals for the coming week:

1. challenge – keep up the good work.

2.  A – Z Challenge – keep up the good work.

3. Starting Wednesday – walk twenty-five minutes each afternoon on my lunch.

4. Edit my freaking manuscript!

5. Read/comment blogs (I was doing like 15 – 20 a day, but I got burnt out!) up to ten a day.

That’s all for me, ju ju bees.  What say you?  How is your progress coming along?

Happy ROW80ing!  😀

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

31 thoughts on “ROW80 Update – The Rowing is the Hardest Part”

  1. I get your arse in hands mood and hope it lessens with the stress. Usually this is the case, as you say. And how utterly pooh is editing manuscript? I’m at page 173 of 400 and holy crapsters, its going to take me months to apply the humungous amount of edits I’m pencilling in. Why didn’t these glaring issues present themselves to me on screen? Where were they? Now, they jump out all over the freakin place. Grr! Anyway, ‘keep up the good work’ and see you in a few days :)X


  2. just think of yourself as in a muddy forest, but there’s a beautiful clearing on the other side. yeah, the forest sucks, but each step gets you closer to the clearing. now go.

    a-z challenge?


  3. I sincerely hope things get better for you Darlene. It is terrbile when the job front becomes such a burden.

    Congrats to keeping up with the blog challenge for the month. It is these small victories that are the most important..


  4. Sounds like taxes are kicking your butt. Thank goodness the 17th is just around the corner 🙂 Here’s hoping you get a breather and get back on track with your goals this week. The fact you’re keeping up with the A to Z challenge is amazing…Kudos!


  5. I just got over a super busy period at work, and I felt the same way some days when I looked at my writing. Where does the energy come from to handle that?!? Forgive yourself. There’s only so much Darlene to go around, and if you’re swamped in one area, something has to give. Good luck getting over it and back on the writing track!


  6. Keep the humor to get rid of the stress. I hope you do feel better once taxes are done and extra work hours are over. You’re doing well with your writing and blogging though. Hang on to that and the rest will follow! 🙂


  7. Wow have I been there – can feel your words, Darlene. There was a point a year ago when I was visiting 20-30 blogs a day, working, writing, handling family, reading, and about 5 other goals and then one day found myself staring at a blank page thinking – Why the heck am I doing all this? About a week later I had things sorted out, cut back where needed, focused on core priorities and watched my attitude improve. I really hope you find a balance that works well for you – remember, you have a right to be happy 🙂

    Have a great week – tell yourself you will and you’re halfway to achieving it.


  8. Here’s hoping for a good week. Like the picture you choose and I particularly like goal #4. As the other ROWers said, its good to keep the humor when feeling stressed. Its a great lifeline.


  9. I’ve found that I fall into that abyss of burn-out whenever I’m way too stressed and when I haven’t had enough sleep (especially the latter. I’m absolutely irrational without sleep). But in times like this, I think it’s okay to give yourself a pass to just shut down a little, recharge, and have a bit of a rest. Hopefully things will improve once April 17th passes!


  10. Darlene, if it helps, I had that ‘bang head here’ taped to my desk one time a while back. Keep up your awesome work! Without you, I’d never learn the alphabet, so hurry up!


  11. Tax season? That’s a big reason to feel like not doing sh**. That’s probably what’s going on. My late best friend was a tax accountant, and I remember those times. I also think that walk during lunch will be good stress relief. Good luck this week!


  12. {Hugs} for being at the “I don’t feel like doing sh*t and I would rather just fade into the dust depressed” mode, Darlene. Been there. Great you’ve acknowledged it versus still plowing on. I’ve done both–not so pretty the plowing thing. Heh.

    Like the others said, it is okay if something has to be let go. I’ve also let go of the sheer number of blogs I was reading. I feel like I could be missing some great treats–and probably am–but spending hours doing that each night was hours away from my writing goals. So I had to let go and balance out my time. I’m wishing you a great week ahead!


    1. Hey Barbara.. I hope you are doing so very well. I am so overwhelmed right now.. I do pick days where I am all caught up and will absolotuely read 20-30 blogs and comment/like all of them. But that is MAYBE once every 10 – 15 days now. I was doing it every day – too much.
      I hear you on missing good stuff.. that is probably why I kept it up so long.
      I hope you have such an amazing week! I will see you around ROW Town. 😀


  13. Ah, stay away from Twinkies. They’re just. . . well. . . icky. ;p Althought, between editing and Twinkies I’m not sure which is worse! I thought it took a long time to actually write, re-write, and re-write again to get my ms to it’s “final” form. This editing phase seems to be taking freaking forever! The hubby even asked me, “Are you *still* working on that?” Then he ran for his life. You’ll perk up now that it sounds like the work front is going to cut you some slack. Sometimes we just need to collapse into ourselves to recharge.


  14. Unfortunately, you have to go through periods like this in order to appreciate the really awesome periods… I don’t make the rules! Besides, if you’re really stressed, don’t bang your head against the wall; there are plenty of people with 183 items in the 20 items or less checkout who need their heads banged against something instead!


    1. Hey Doree.. you’re right! going through stressful times helps me appreciate the easy stuff..
      lol at the 20 items or less.. I deal with that a lot. Makes me wonder what the heck goes through people’s heads.


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