A – Z Challenge ~ H is for Heart

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Heart is something we all have.  The Tin Man traveled all the way to the Land of Oz to get his, which it turned out he had all along.

Besides the long description in the dictionary of the physical heart (the aorta and all the other valves and such), there are other definitions.

1) The center of the total personality.

2) The center of the total emotion.

I find this utterly fascinating.  What does that mean?  The heart is the center of our being.  We cannot live without a heart. A heart breaks, aches, flutters and skips a beat.

How many songs have “heart” in the title?  A few of my favorites:

Janis Joplin – “Piece of My Heart”

Motley Crue – “Kickstart My Heart”

Def Leppard – “Bringing on the Heartbreak”

I put my heart into everything I do.  Don’t you?  When you’re real passionate about it… you put your heart into it.  When you’re not feeling it, it goes.. “my heart’s just not in it.”

Thought for the day:  What do you put your heart into?

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

12 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge ~ H is for Heart”

  1. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is a favorite of mine … and the group Heart.

    By the way, the Tin Man was already in Oz, specifically in the Munchkin Country, where he made a good living as a woodcutter before getting caught in a rainstorm and rusting. Dorothy rescued him and he traveled to the Emerald City, and after killing the Wicked Witch the Winkies made him emperor of their country (which is another part of Oz). There he kept good care of the heart the Wizard inserted into his metal chest, complaining only that it seemed to have been a kind heart rather than a romantic heart, which kept him from falling in love. Some would say he’s better off!

    Yeah, I’m an Oz book geek. Somebody has to be. 🙂 Putting my heart into my original fandom makes … well, makes my heart flutter.


    1. Hey Mark… You’re right. Perhaps I should change that to “the emerald city” because he was going to visit the wizard to get the heart he thought he needed. I won’t change it now,, But it is one of those things like “you know what I mean.”
      Thanks for stopping by and schooling me on the Land of Oz.


      1. Sure, I’m certain everyone knew what you mean … besides, it’s just we shrinking group of Oz book sticklers who even pay attention to little details like that. (Dorothy’s blonde, dammit!) At one time Baum’s Oz books were every bit as much the rage as the Harry Potter books are today, but I doubt many kids today are raised on them the way I was.


      2. Are you saying “Oz” was a series? I am sure most kids these days don’t even know Oz books exist.. Hell, I didn’t even know there was more than one book.
        This is why I love blogging.. I learn stuff from my readers..
        Thanks, Mark!


      3. Oh, yeah … and with Baum’s original 14 now in the public domain, they’re still being written to this day — far beyond the forty or so “official” ones. They vary in quality, with some being light and humorous and some very dark:


        They spawned toys, dolls, comics, plays, several movies, and a traveling show put on by Baum himself, all before the 1939 MGM version of “Wizard” came along. I’m hoping to write my own take on the Oz universe, someday.


  2. Enjoyed your post. Several years ago there was a DJ on the radio who talked about all the songs that have HEART and LOVE in the titles…was an interesting topic on his show.

    I wish I could think of some of the titles now, but I’m in work mode and that doesn’t let my mind wander far from THAT subject. LOL


    1. ha ha.. I would have loved to hear that show.. I like stuff like that..
      I hear you on the work mode.. I am about to be there in a couple hours.
      Take care, Christine and thanks for stopping by,


  3. Okay. I really love The Wizard of Oz and that got my attention immediately. What a great post! I put my heart in a lot of things. Sometimes if I am writing and it’s not very good, I can tell I’m not putting my heart into it.


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