A – Z Challenge ~ F is for Fallible

Newsflash.  We are all human.  Yep!  I know, I know… I’ll give you a moment to let your human status resonate in your over-worked skull there.

You back now?  Awesome!

It seems humans (that’s you and me) seem to think we are infallible.   We want to do things our way.  We are right (almost always).

There is no one harder on me than I am.  Is there anyone harder on you that you?  If so, tell them to knock it off!  If you are the culprit, you need to cut yourself some much-needed slack.

In fact, I dare you to make a mistake on purpose! Nothing that will mess with the space/time continuum, but maybe like… oh, put on mismatched socks and go to the store.. make sure people see them!

Thought for the day: I am a fallible human. It is okay if I make a mistake.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

8 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge ~ F is for Fallible”

  1. I like that Motto. To often we are wrapped up in being perfect that we forget the one small thing that is the key to it all. Life is about living. We should enjoy the moments they arise.

    What does it matter if you don’t vacuum for a day because you wanted to spend it outside playing in the sun with your children?

    I also agree that we are hardest on ourselves, and think it is because we not only know our potential, but also know what it is that we really want to achieve. The key is to know that while we can achieve anything we set out minds to, the time scales for them need to be realistic.

    Being a writer is a perfect example. You can write a first draft quickly, but editing, checking, proofreading and tidying away those small details that make the difference between ok and good, good and great take time, and cannot be rushed. When you allow yourself the right amount of time, taking a free afternoon to just relax, or take in a movie not longer seem like such dramatic events.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and your take on this is awesome.. I get serious tunnel vision, and not only that… but I get real tough on myself.
      I think a lot of my A-Z posts I may be subconsciously writing to myself!!


  2. Love this! I resisted this message when my then-current (yes, I work in contracts) boyfriend expressed it to me, but now I embrace my fallibility. Life’s much simpler now that I accept that I make mistakes, and am (mostly) comfortable apologizing when I realize I have. 🙂


    1. haha.. “mostly comfortable”I know what you mean. Most times I have no problem admitting a mistake… but there are a few occasions when I am so embarrassed I really let it get to me..

      thanks for stopping by, Deborah.


  3. This was a fun read, easy to grasp and implement 😉 waggling my mismatched socks in your territory and grinnin like a Cheshire


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