A – Z Challenge ~ A is for Adversity

Impossible odds make achievements even more satisfying.

Adversity: making or breaking people since the dawn of time.

How much have you overcome in your life?  After you get to know someone and quit the sappy, chitter chatter of small talk, what do you tell them about yourself? Maybe you are fighting cancer, going through a nasty divorce, battling addiction or maybe you have inner demons you can’t quite figure out and you see a doctor to help you with those demons.  None of this makes a bad person.  It makes a human being and it makes you beautiful.

I try to put some of the adversity I have overcome into my writing.  Truth is much more fascinating than fiction, no doubt.  Some of the adversity I have put (or will put) into my writing:

  • Alcoholism/drug addiction
  • Being a teen parent
  • An abusive marriage
  • Growing up poor

Isn’t it interesting that those tribulations we do overcome, that adversity, it makes us stronger and gives us layers.  Imagine if everything went the way we wanted consistently… how freaking boring would that be?

Think about our writing, your writing.  There is adversity in good writing.  There is an obstacle to hurdle, a task to complete, a mystery to solve.  A good story has a protagonist that must overcome adversity to get to the goal.

Adversity makes life.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

26 thoughts on “A – Z Challenge ~ A is for Adversity”

  1. So true, Darlene. A beautiful post. I think adversity, suffering, sorrow and depression are catharted to some extent through what we write. Writing is therapy for the soul.


  2. Interesting post, Darlene. I’ve had three out of the four. I grew up poor, had my first kids when I was in my teens, but I’m the other sideof the equation because I’m male. To boot, I married her. she was unfaithful whiel I worked away from home, and and 8 years down the line, she threw me over for a drunk who beat hell out of her (but he never laid a finger on my kids or I’d have killled him.)


  3. I read the post above this and smiled. I can imagine a bit of frenzied behaviour from me, if I had attempted to do all of that. I wanted to do the script frenzy, but it’s my first time with A-Z… so I did not.

    “Alcoholism/drug addiction
    Being a teen parent
    An abusive marriage
    Growing up poor”
    I can relate to each of these topics, and look forward to further visits.

    A-Z 2012


    1. Hi, K… Thanks for stopping by.. Sorry you had to endure things similar to mine.. but you know… It has shaped who we are, has it not?

      I’ll be stopping by your blog at some point today..


  4. Great post. We all have our own adversities to overcome. I think it fuels our writing and as we all know, writing soothes our souls. Our characters become bigger and stronger because of the things they have to overcome, just like we do.

    Thank you for the beautiful post.


    1. Hi, Jenny… you know, it is interesting… I have met people who have not had to endure too much in their lives and it is interesting how closed minded they can be. And yes! You are correct on the writing…. the things I have endured… a piece of it is in all of my characters.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  5. I think we harbor a great fear, if we’ve not at some time seen ourselves save our own ass. We have to know what’s inside us, or a universe this large can be all too daunting. So yes, adversity is our mentor, that which let us know something real about ourselves.


  6. I don’t know. Under the right circumstances, everything going right might not be that bad, but that hardly happens, and when it does, it’s probably just a smoke screen. People say the same thing about living forever. A lot of people say they would be bored, but I think I could find things to do for thousands of years.


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