It’s ROW80 Time!

It’s ROW Time!  Yeah, This week I basically set up my goals for the upcoming April.  I signed up for Script Frenzy which is totally freaking nuts because I have never in my life written a screen play.  I have to do it this way, however.  I lack some sort of internal motivation at times and I need a fire lit under me a lot. Slacker Syndrome? Well, I do come from a vehemently long line of slackers.  I know vehement and slacker don’t really intertwine, per say, but my family had a lot of “I will eventually” in it.  I am determined to break this mold.

I am being hard on myself.  I have broken this mold and will continue to crawl out of its nasty shell and make a name for myself.  This past week I read a lot of blogs and commented on them.  I also started listening to podcasts on my iPod.  I love music, but I feel like I need to listen to more “cultured” stuff.  So I listen to music when I am in my car except on my way to work.

a) I am learning stuff

b) it distracts me from the idiots in surrounding cars.

A good one is “This American Life.”  There are fascinating stories of life in America that people may not otherwise realize.  Check it out.  Good stuff.

On to the goals:

  • read/comment blogs –  I toned it down a little, but manage about 10-15 a day.
  • manuscript – I continue to edit and revise.  I am up to page 74.  My goal is to finish before 3/31.
  • Script Frenzy – get an idea and outline going for this new challenge coming in April.
  • A-Z April Challenge – Blog a topic from A-Z in April.  Need to get some posts scheduled for this.
  • The Walking Dead – Move my weekly posts to Monday for next season.

So I continue to push myself which is good. I kind of faltered on the fitness goal, but have been to the gym at least 3x this week.  Still, need to get going on that. Next Wednesday is the end of the Round! I don’t check in on Wednesday’s so this post is a fond farewell and see you next round!

Got some goals to share, click here to submit your link!

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

25 thoughts on “It’s ROW80 Time!”

  1. Wow, you are a busy little bee! And, I see you are an A-Z blogger for April. So am I!!! I have 3 blog posts written. 23 to go. Good luck with the edits on the MS. Sometimes they’re harder to do than the actual writing. Do you have any agents or publishers in mind?


    1. Hey there… You have three posts written already for A-Z? Go you! I have no agents or publishers in mind. I don’t know if I start looking now or when it is completely finished.
      I am looking forward to your A-Z posts in April!


  2. I’m a procrastinator (slacker :P) too and when inspired run with an idea like a bombs gone off up my butt, however… otherwise, I’m way too easily distracted. Bleh! It’s annoying to fight my natural urge to blog 24/7 when I should be editing. If I could only go back to the writing bit, I wouldn’t have as much resistance (or excuses :P).

    Either way, you’re doing really well and I do love your Walking Dead post. I must try to keep up to date with viewing Before checking in on your posts though – big fat spoiler for me the other day 🙂 My bad…!



    1. I read your comment and felt so sad that I spoiled it for you!! 😦 I totally love your blog by the way… 😀
      I may be moving my Walking Dead posts to Monday.. just forewarning you.. 😉


  3. Editing, blogging, planning a screenplay, getting to the gym…great job, Darlene! Moving closer to reaching the goals and it sounds like you’re feeling great about it! good for you. have a great week!


  4. Awesome job, Darlene and I hear you on the “vehement slacker” thing – lots of that in my ancestry as well, and it is always a struggle to win free of it. Actually, most of my family thinks I’m crazy for how much I do, but I just smile and allow them to enjoy their simple lives.

    Can’t wait to see how script frenzy goes for you – will be looking forward to your updates on this next round. Keep striving forward, you are doing great!


    1. Thanks, Gene… 🙂 I am curious as to how I am going to handle Script Frenzy.. I have never written a screen play in my life. It was touched on in college.. but never thoroughly.
      Thanks for the cheers!!


  5. Am doing my a-z postss too – because I now have to walk a dog every day I’m listening to podcasts – learnt all kinds of stuff this last few weeks – great stuff out there- enjoy the break and see you next round


    1. I love Podcasts! I never thought I would because I was always a firm believer that music is the only thing that should be played on my car stereo or iPod. But I am loving the podcast. This American Life is fantastic and I also get Grammar Girl and Psychology in Everyday Life.
      See you next round Alberta! 🙂


  6. Cool blog! Goal-setting is important. It is the spine that drives us forward. I hope we don’t allow it to become too much of an obsession though. Psyche also needs time to cook, to allow things to emerge and inspire. Isn’t it difficult to achieve balance?


    1. Get out! GOA Book Two?? Looking forward to it! I have GOA Book One on my Kindle… as soon as Tax Season is over I am taking a weekend to read lots and lots of books! Yours is on that list!


  7. Wow, so many goals…How do you manage? Congrats! I live in Italy and one of my major goals is to drink two espresso coffees every morning (actually if I don’t, I never get anything done!!)…What’s your secret trick to keep going?


    1. Italy!! I have never been but will one day I hope…
      I drink a lot of coffee… I cannot function without two cups in the morning…
      I don’t really have a secret.. I just do what needs to be done.. and if it is not absolutely necessary, I don’t do it.


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