Flash Fiction Friday – Coming to Get You

Today I walked down the street, making it a point to look each stranger I passed directly in his or her eyeball.  Most people cannot look at me long because they know I am the Truth Seeker.  I seek the truth in random passersby and after making my determination of their worthiness, I pass along the information to my boss.

Now, my boss is an interesting character in that he seems to let the good suffer incredibly long while the bad seem to suffer hardly at all.

This is where I come into the picture.  I am the one who gets things done here in this (what some would call God Forsaken) world. I am the one that takes the best of the best from this Earth and I put them in a place where evil will no longer come to them.

See, my boss has it all sorted out for all the beings on this planet and he has made me his right-hand person through all of it.

Oh, here comes one now.  I am staring into her ice blue eyeball as she approaches me.  She pretends she does not see me, but I know she does.  I am the Truth Seeker!

Ok, she passed me with a scowl.  Almost everyone that passes me scowls at me when they see me leering into their eyeballs like some creepy pirate. I laugh just loud enough to confuse them when I get looks like that.

Alright, I got her profile.

She is a grump, insecure and poor at time management.  However, she is an inherently good person that has had a rough life, so I will just have to make something happen in her life that impacts her and gets her thinking on a more “constructive” level if you catch my drift.

Ooh, here comes a good one.  This guy in his BMW just cursed out some poor old lady! He’ll never catch on, but still, I like to toy with the self-righteous.  You would be surprised how many people do not catch on to these little obstructions I put into their path.  People seem to think in terms of the self too often and when something profound in their life takes place, they say things like “shit happens” or “it is what it is.”

Uh, no. Nothing just happens, people!  Gosh, it annoys me so much that these humans think it is all about them and that all the things that happen in their life is on an “it is what it is” basis!

Oh, I am sorry.  I forgot to introduce myself!  Most people call me Karma, some call me Fate, others don’t give me a name.  I am always watching and I will get you when you least expect it. You can call me whatever you like, you’ll know me when you meet me.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

21 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday – Coming to Get You”

  1. This was delightful. Truth is… Karma’s a bitch, but it’s because s/he has such a challenging task. So many actions need to be considered in the basis of “what most mattered at the time”…

    And I liked the “creepy” part (actually, I didn’t see it as being so). Of course…. When you get right down to it and really think about the idea of an all-knowing god or anything similar (something many people do believe in and seem to find perfectly normal), it’s not much different. I mean, why aren’t more people creeped out by the idea of Santa Claus?


    1. Hey Eden!! 🙂 I don’t get why people would be more accepting of some strange man that dressed in red velvet while being pulled around by eight reindeer (and a bonus reindeer with a red nose) to drop off toys made by elves in subzero temperatures.
      Thank you for stopping by! It is always nice to see you.


      1. Oh, but you forget the best part, Darlene. He’s watching children all the time, keeping lists about what they do, and he knows how to get into houses without being seen and even if the doors are locked. 😉


  2. Nice one, Darlene. I like it, and it’s so true; what goes around, comes around. And for every action there is reaction, or a result.
    I remember doing the Flash Fiction Friday once–maybe twice–but don’t remember how I cam e across it, or where.


  3. Love it!!! I see now why you enjoy the creepiness in my Flash pieces – we are on the same wavelength clearly! hehe 😀


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