The Walking Dead Chow Down – This Group Is Broken

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“This Group’s Broken” – Daryl

Last week the survivors got in a scuffle with some outsiders and now hold a young man (Randall) captive in the barn.  They chain him like a nineteenth century slave ready for the slaughter.  What do you do with a stranger?  He could be dangerous.  Stranger Danger.  Who is trustworthy? No one.  The kid pleas for his freedom.  However, the Rule of Law applies since no law formally exists.  How’s that for a Catch 22?

Daryl has quickly become the brawn, the common sense and the enforcer of the group.  He is the pillar, whether or not anyone else in the group knows.  He has no problem beating someone’s ass, if and when they deserve it.   He thinks in practical steps, and while he has the least amount of heart, he has it when it counts. One thing I have noticed in this group of survivors is no one wants to do what is necessary.

Dale winds up with intestines hanging out after he storms out of the house courtesy of a neighborhood zombie.  Everyone runs out of the house and then (this part floored me) they stand around Dale (guts hanging out – still breathing) arguing over who should put him out of his misery.  Really?

Who shoots Dale?  Daryl.  There just comes a time when the self is not an option.  “Sorry brother,” he says and fires a bullet into Dale’s skull.

Have you ever been in the position of putting your beliefs aside for another’s well-being?

Carl winds up in the barn with the prisoner and that is when we see the metamorphosis in Carl.  There are many metamorphoses in this show.  However, Carl’s is paramount.  Carl is a child.  Everything he knew twisted into a living hell.  He cared for little Sophia, the only other child in the group, but the living dead consumed her innocence.

Carl is turning into a psychopath. He watched Daryl beat the prisoner’s ass in the barn, he showed no emotion when talking about Sophia (his only friend in this whole ordeal) to an adult.  His mother seems slightly aware, but in great denial.

Carl discovers a zombie stuck in the swamps and chucks rocks at it while it stares (no blinks) back.  Can you say Psychopathic Child Alert?  I am not surprised.  I believe this is an overwhelmingly realistic account of an apocalyptic youth.

The zombie that attacked Dale, ironically, is the zombie that Carl taunted.  How will this new knowledge affect Carl?

Who will become the moral fiber of the group? 

There is so much arguing and mistrust in the group it is hard to say who will become the backbone and restore some order to the group.  Lori has Rick wrapped so tight and I cannot figure out why.  I get that Carl is their son, but he listens to everything she says!  Lori is a trouble maker.

By the way:  I watched The Talking Dead after posting this segment… Apparently, we are all on the same page!  It is the hot spot before, during and immediately following the show!  If you haven’t checked it out, give it a look-see just once!

Thanks for checking out another segment of The Walking Dead Chow Down.  Feel free to answer the questions and post your opinions. 😀

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

11 thoughts on “The Walking Dead Chow Down – This Group Is Broken”

  1. I don’t think it needs to be said that Carl is going to be one messed up kid.
    Meanwhile, all that keeps going through my head is “Nooooo!!!! Not Dale!”


      1. Well, he wasn’t having a whole lot of success as a conscience even when people did listen to him … we’ll have to see if his death shocks some of them into thinking another way.


  2. Oh I love this discussion. My husband and I are big fans of TWD and the episode you’re discussing we watched the other day. (We have to watch it via a VPN shield here in Dubai, on a streaming faculty online, so it’s all pot luck as to whether we’ll even get to watch it (the streaming is quite often interrupted). They are still playing season two here and its edited for things like decency.

    I wanted to grab that Carl around the scruff of his neck while he taunted that zombie. NMot only did he tempt fate regarding his own life, but I said to my husband – He’ll get free now and enter the camp, you watch! And then when mr preacher man took a walk in the dark I screamed out, Don’t do it, the zombie’s gonna get ya! Hubs laughs as I get very involved despite watching from behind my pillow 🙂

    Rick is ruler. Or rather, the ‘woman behind the man’ is ruler. She set Rick up to attack his buddie. Wrong. They both have the right idea:to protect those you love and survive, before anything else. They just go about it differently. They should never have bought the young guy back though. A bullet through the head would have been the kindest way to deal with that, especially under the circumstances they were in at the time. Why they thought repairing his leg then leaving him in the middle of nowhere would be more humane I’ve no idea. Lamb to slaughter anybody?

    Whoops! Seems I’m ranting. 🙂 XX


    1. Carl is really starting to annoy me…
      And I didn’t get the humanity of “let’s not shoot the guy – we’ll tie him up and hold him prisoner – that’s much more humane.” WHAT?!
      So are you behind an episode and I am giving you spoilers? Or are you caught up? I don’t want to ruin anything!


  3. Carl definitely needs to be watched more. He’s after becoming cold and detached. Daryl is the quiet leader of the group and the most interesting character to watch by far.


      1. I don’t think Daryl has the personality to be an outspoken group leader. He’s more the loner type but he definitely cares for the group, despite what he says


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