Rowing the Slow Sea – Row 80 Update

Rowing along at such a slow pace, you might think that I was snail powered.  I am getting things done, just not at a pace I feel comfortable.  I am editing my WIP at a painstaking rate.  I am keeping up with all of my blog posts (love the scheduler).  I am reading/commenting blogs. Many blog writers are using time-saving, free article writing services to help with their blog. Thanks to some very helpful advice, I learned a way to read/comment a decent amount and then be done with it.  I picked 10 – 15 blogs a day to read/comment.  I always make sure I fall within that range.  Sometimes if I am caught up on stuff, I allow myself to go over.

Modified goals for the week are as follows:

  • continue reading/commenting 10 – 15 blogs a day.
  • continue to write up scheduled blog posts.
  • thirty minutes a day on Triberr.
  • figure out how to drive traffic to music/motorcycle blog.
  • edit WIP – 15 pages a day.
  • get back into the gym at least four days a week.
  • Use Penzu for private journaling.
  • Use for brainstorming ideas.

There you have it folks!  the long-awaited, highly anticipated ROW80 goal list of yours truly.  Alright, I am exaggerating (grossly).  One thing I did start doing more of this week is picking up my Kindle and reading.  I get so wrapped up in writing and everything else I forget how important it is to read and I forget how much I enjoy it).

How is everyone else doing on the ROW80 Gist?  Share your progress here.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

21 thoughts on “Rowing the Slow Sea – Row 80 Update”

  1. Slow is still moving forward, Darlene, Keep the momentum going. 10-15 blogs a day is a great way to take care of that part of social media. Having a plan is the first step in getting somewhere! You’re doing great!


    1. Thanks Marcia! Glad to see you today… When I first made a commitment to read/comment blogs I was doing up to 30-40 a day! I think I subscribe to over a hundred different blogs.. and there is always a day where almost all of them post! Then there are the ROW80 blogs which I try to comment/like at least 10 on Sunday and 10 on Wednesday. It was all just too much. I took someone’s advice and read my quota and deleted the rest. I try to visit different ones each time… I am so glad to see you today! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


  2. Hmm, 15 pages a day, seven days a week equals 90 pages a week. That is a novel in a month, wouldn’t really call that a snail’s pace. You’re doing great on things, Darlene and kudo’s for starting to get the blogosphere under control. Many of us have had to do that. Roni Loren had a great post on it over the past week about how when people first start out, to get known, they visit and comment everywhere, but eventually, because we all want to write, priorities have to be set and some things have to be trimmed down to allow that to happen. Big step and nicely done on handling it well.

    Keep up the great progress and have a fantastic week 🙂


  3. Don’t worry about being slow. As long as you are doing something, that’s progress. Besides, what you think is slow might be very fast for some people. And I like what Alberta said. 😉


  4. I get frustrated with my slower pace sometimes too, Darlene, but I just keep reminding myself that any progress is good progress. It can be tough when you have so much going on in your life, but just keep plugging ahead! I think your goals sound super achievable and I have no doubt you’ll rock them out this week. 🙂 Good luck!


  5. Don’t hate on your slow, but steady work, Darlene! Steady work means steady progress means goals getting done. Your pace is realistic and will keep you moving forward versus someone who tries to do it all super fast and burns out. Good job!


  6. I know how you feel Darlene. Some weeks I wished I moved faster than the snail pace but alas, we gotta go with the ebb and flow of it all and enjoy it as it comes. Love how you’ve mastered the social media/blogging fun – woot woot – GREAT idea!!
    Here’s to another FAB week ahead! 🙂


  7. You’re making strides no matter how fast you think you are going, Darlene. Alberta said it perfectly, but there is another side to consider. We all crawl before we start to walk or run.


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