Moving Row (80) Along

Ah, the sweet smell, feel and look of the magnificent ROW80 badge!  Alright, enough with the corniness.  Seriously, Darlene.

This week has been an absolute roller coaster ride (for lack of a better cliché).  I made it to an AA meeting Friday night which was awesome.  I have been keeping up with my scheduled blog posts. How I ever managed to hold a blog together without the Scheduler, I will never know. I went on my buddy Timm’s radio show last Sunday night and had a total blast.  It was the fastest four hours of my life, no kidding.

Work (day job) is as stressful as a cat in a yarn factory – sensory overload! The office is on high intensity being the middle of tax season.  Tempers are short and the new gal is upset a lot.

To help her out I tell her some ridiculous story from my past. It works!  I have actually thought about writing a memoir of the crazy crap I have endured.  When I tell the stories people crack up.  I would hope a similar sentiment could be conveyed with my written word.  I mean, sure I am no, well, memoir writer.  I like to think I’d do okay.

On with the week’s mission:

  • Edit fifteen pages a day on WIP. I started this and feel this is a pace I can keep.
  • Write my 750 words a day. I missed three days this month so far. Bad!
  • Keep up with Triberr.  There are a few bugs in the program, but it is coming along.
  • Read/comment blogs.  I am doing about twenty – thirty a day.  This is still way too much. I need to cut back.
  • Continue to schedule blog posts for three weekly segments.
  • Write up a new budget.
  • Walk at least twenty minutes a day.

So there you have it folks.. you can all exhale now.  Man, what a suspenseful list, eh? Hope you are all doing well on your ROW80 goals. 😀  Feel free to let me know what’s up with you guys and be sure to post to the linky tool found at the Linky Tools Thingy.  Happy Rowing and enjoy your Sunday.

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

23 thoughts on “Moving Row (80) Along”

  1. you did good – i prefer reading memoirs about the c**** things that happen ratherthan the sweetness and light- horried? maybe – go on write it and make us laugh


  2. Yeah, triberr messed with me this week too. I love it when it works though!

    That’s interesting that you are looking for a balance on how many blogs to visit each day. I’m doing the same. I always exceed the number of blogs I intend to visit.

    Happy writing this week! I’ve missed three days over at 750 words too. It’s a bummer to see those blank boxes, isn’t it, but motivation to go back for the green X. Have a good week!


    1. Hey Bridgette… I am thinking of doing what someone else said and just reading as many as I can and deleting the rest and starting new the next day. There are constant blogs I visit, but I’d like to visit one or two a day I don’t get to often.
      Enjoy your week.


  3. Fantastic week Darlene! Wow – girl you are an inspiration. I hear you on Triberr this week – can you say frustrating! Ugh. Oh well, hopefully this week the kinks will be worked out. Here’s to another smashin’ week to come…


  4. So envious of your WIP edits coming along…wish I could keep up that pace. I’m distracted by everything. Oooh, look, a couch to sit on. 😛 Sad. And not helpful. I’m curious about that whole Triberr thing…part of me fears it’s one more thing to remember, hoping it might be a way to manage socials better…what are your thoughts on it so far?


    1. Hey! as far as editing.. I feel like I should be doing way more than 15 pages a day. I picked 15 because I am distracted by shiny things just like you! 😉
      Triberr… it is great for sharing people’s blog posts via social media even if you may not have time to read the post… It is also great for connecting with other bloggers/writers.
      There seems to be a few bugs that still need working out.. I think it is going to be pretty freaking awesome once they get it ironed out.
      Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Hi Darlene:

    We have been reading the same newsfeed, methinks.

    I have mixed fewelings about Triberr. I get that it makes tweeting easier.


    I was kind of glad that it “boned” me this week (you see what I did there?) because Triberr strips posts of all the personality of the tweeter. I know it is more time consuming, but I’m sticking to the old fashioned way right now. First, because I lost all my bones trying to figure out how to communicate with Leanne Shirtliffe. And even though I sent up a zillion bonfires, no one came to my rescue. I know Dino said there were “bugs” in the firest this week, but I think I’ve voted myself off the island. The Triberr has spoken. 😉

    So are we playing WWF yet? I think I’ll go upstairs and check.


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