ROW80 Insanity – It’s Easy!

I haven’t checked in on the ROW80 Jimmy Jaun because I had little to report.  I have been reading and commenting blogs like crazy.  Yeah, a lot of reading/commenting.  I subscribe to a lot of blogs and while I love reading all of the wonderful posts… It is killing me! Seriously.  I am starting to experience BLOG BURNOUT.  So I am going to have to figure out a way to show love to all the blogs I follow without feeling overwhelmed (aka curled in a corner whispering “I tried to comment, I really tried”).  If anyone had any suggestions, I am all ears.

Tomorrow I am taking my WIP out of the bag it is sitting in and going over the first thirty pages. There is no excuse not to.  I said to my BF tonight… I think I am afraid of success. I really do.   I don’t want to turn this ROW80 post into a therapy session, so I will digress.  But.. does anyone else ever feel like that?

Sunday was fun because I was a guest host on my buddy’s internet radio show.  We had a lot of fun! If any of my readers is into heavy metal, you can check the Facebook Page out here.


  • TRIBERR.  Really starting to get the hang of it.  Once I figured out how to Approve & Share I felt better.  😀
  • Read/comment blogs.  I actually need to tone it down.  I am on Blog overload!
  • Edit my WIP.  I am going to do at least ten pages tomorrow.  I am hoping for a groove.
  • I am going to start posting to HubPages again.

So that’s it for my ROW80 week.  How are you coming along?  Hop on the ROW80 train and leave your link here!

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

20 thoughts on “ROW80 Insanity – It’s Easy!”

  1. Darlene, I know what you mean about blog overload! I love blogs, have a bit of an addiction to reading them and commenting…lol…but it gets overwhelming. I try and visit as many as I can and I definitely make it a point to stop by the ones that visit me…but it’s hard for sure. If you figure out a cure…I mean a solution…hehehehe…to blog overload, pass it along please 🙂


  2. I now how you feel about keeping up with all the blogs you follow – I have over 200 on wordpress alone and I just have to skip posts sometimes as there just isn’t time to read them all 😦
    Good luck with the WIP, I will get back to mine again eventually too! 🙂


  3. I find a simple cull works best… when I switched from IE to Chrome, I started my favourites list over again and only kept half the meme/blog sites I used to check… best off doing a few things well and enjoying it, than overloading and over stretching…


  4. I’m with you on that, honey. My advice? Just do what you can, nothing more, nothing less. If someone gets upset, boo hoo. They’ll experience a time crunch at some point, too, and become more sympathetic.


  5. I think we ALL hear you on blog overload. LOL!!
    Here’s the deal, if you don’t visit or comment on my blog for a month or two or three or four (you get the point), I am cool with that. Read and drop me a line when you can. Don’t ever feel ANY pressure. And likewise, I’ll feel the same about you and your blog. We will both accept that each other’s “best” is good enough and we will automatically know that we are both TRYING hard to swing over and comment.
    Now…here’s the key….
    Let’s assume everyone else feels the EXACT same way! LOL!!
    I am going to work on that. Lately, I give myself a deadline for reading and commenting and when the time’s up, times up. And I just delete the posts I don’t have time for out of my inbox. Sucks but there’s no WAY any of us can keep up on the mass reading. I try to scatter my visits around and trust you are all doing the same…
    So girl…no pressure! Your best rocks!!!


    1. Aww! You are so awesome, Natalie.. You are one of the most positive, upbeat and cheery people I have met doing ROW80 and I am thankful for that!
      I like your method and I may try it..
      Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


  6. I read a ton of blogs too, but I usually fail to comment. I’ve heard of some of some bloggers who just hit the “like” button to let them know you stopped by. I should employ the “like” button more often. It might be our key to blog-reading survival.


    1. I totally hit the “like” button when I am pressed for time.. I get upset when there is no like button! 😦 Sometimes I hit the like button and then go back to leave a comment much, much later if I really had something to say.

      Thanks for stopping by, Nicole!


  7. I try so hard to get to as many blogs as possible, but sometimes it’s just overwhelming. Especially since there are so many ROW80ers! I would love to comment on all of them on every check in, but I just can’t. If I didn’t have a full time job, I think it would be easy for me, but….


  8. I love Natalie’s take on it. She’s one smart cookie. I set a specific number of Rowers to check in on every post day and the day after. I try to hit up at least one new person and I alternate between the regulars. Otherwise I’d go insane. The fact that you were even willing to try to get to everyone shows just how awesome you are. Awesome yes. Superhuman no. Do whatever works best.


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