Six Sentence Sunday – ROW 80 Style

Rowing along on the 80 Train trying to catch the “Six” bus. Ok, not really.  It is time for the weekly ROW80 check in.  Check out the Jenny Hansen’s blog for the link up!

There is this new site called Triberr that just came to town.  Jenny wrote a huge post on it which can be found here.  That link is to Part 4, but you can find parts 1 – 3 from there.  I bring this up because I will be reading all four posts today.  I am on Triberr if anyone wants to find me!  I am a lost soul on the site (much like a blind man at an epic light show).

Other than that:

  • still writing 750+ words a day.
  • still updating blogs.
  • still reading/commenting blogs like a blog junkie.

New Goals

  • Walk twenty minutes a day around the neighborhood.
  • Figure out this Triberr thing.
  • Link up at Nick Rolynd’s blog for 30 minute fiction on Friday’s.

Now for six sentences from a three-year old short story.

Six Sentence Sunday

There were seventeen cats living in Louie’s basement.  Louie wasn’t sure how it got so out of control, but he knew he had a problem when the incessant meowing had become the background music for dinner.  Louie really thought he was doing the right thing, but it seemed at some point in the last nine months he had possibly become a compulsive cat hoarder.

It all started when Pawsie and Meowlofur were left after his sister Shelia’s death.  She had asked Louie while on her death-bed emblazoned with tubes to take her precious felines.  Louie had begged her in the hollow hospital room to let someone else have the pleasure, but Sheila was adamant.


Hopefully everyone else is cruising along smoothly with their goals.  If not, it is okay.  That is the beauty of ROW80 is flexibility. 😀

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

16 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – ROW 80 Style”

  1. always like a story about cats:)

    I am joining Kaits tribe and am feeling very nervous – must get to grips with the rules myself- good luck- when my sisters guide dog retires on 27th of this month I will be walking around the neighbourhood for 20mins or so each day – actually it will need to go up to 40mins pretty quickly the dog maybe 10yrs but is a lab and has been used to 2hours a day!!

    you seem to be keeping on top of things
    all the best for coming week


    1. Hey Alberta! I am all over the place with this Triberr thing… I am sure I’ll be sitting here one evening soon, and all of a sudden the pieces will fall together.
      Congrats to your sisters retiring guide dog. 🙂 Do you mean you will be walking around with him? That sounds wonderful. 🙂
      See you around!


  2. I heard about Triberr. I’m just not sure I need yet one more thing to keep up with. I can barely keep up with what I’m doing now.

    Great job on the word count and blogging, and good luck with the new goals! 🙂


  3. Fabulous row80 week Darlene – wow! Love it! And your 6 sentence fiction was awesome!
    Triberr, I’m there and can say it’s definitely got a wee bit of a learning curve BUT I think it’s well worth it once you get rolling. It will help you streamline your promoting of blogs you love from ONE place which rocks. I am no master but my advice is to get in, play around and create a tribe and start learning the ways…
    And here’s to rocking your new goals for this upcoming week. Wahooo!!!


    1. Aww..thanks so much, Natalie. 🙂 I am hoping to be caught up with everything soon and then be able to take a couple “uninterrupted hours” to really mess around with Triberr. That will probably happen after mid April.
      Thanks so much for stopping by.. I’ll be seeing you around!:)


  4. Doing great on your goals Darlene, and a walk around the neighborhood, excellent addition. Exercise is one of the cornerstones of productivity (or so I’m finding now that I’ve gotten myself in the habit of moving around on occasion). Good luck with Triberr, finally got it to work for me this week but generally lost beyond that. I really need to have Jen on speed dial.

    Have a great week 🙂


    1. Thanks for the well wishes, Gene. Glad you have gotten into the habit of moving around.. 🙂 I get so bogged down I forget how important it is to move around. I’m sure you can relate.
      Enjoy your week as well! I’ll be seeing you around.


  5. Great update, Darlene. Personally, I think you are ROCKIN’ the ROW. 🙂

    Thanks for the Triberr shout out. I appreciate it and I saw your “Call to Arms.” Can’t you just tell that the program was written by men? LOL…


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