Before You Do Anything… Answer These Five Questions

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How many of us have made a rash decision, an impulse buy or got drunk at a bar and went home with a random stranger? Oh, alright… went home with two random strangers?

The point is, there are five questions you need to ask yourself before you make a big decision or a choice that might put you in harm’s way.

1. What is the worst that could happen?

Man, if I had a dollar every time I or someone near me said this, I’d be living next door to Oprah Winfrey with a swimming pool filled with my riches.  Whatever your imagination can dream up is the worst that can happen.  Taking risks is a part of life!  Going skiing, riding a motorcycle, betting it all on black and asking for one more piece of cheesecake area risks people take often.  But the RISK/REWARD factor is a HUGE role in the FIVE QUESTIONS.

2. Will I really feel better after do this?

This question stems from decisions based on anger, hedonism and greed.  Situations that ask this question usually come with a good answer after a night of sleep or talking to a confidant.  You might want to set your boyfriend’s truck on fire after you found out he cheated on you.  Hmm… risk vs. reward: True, you might not get caught.. but there is a great chance you will.  Sleep on it and write him a nasty note the next morning.

3. How will this affect me financially?

This questions revolves around big purchases and impulse buying.  Do you really need that new television?  What about that car… is your family of five really going to fit in the 2013 Corvette?  These are serious ponderings before making the big buy.  An impulse buy of a $200 pair of boots you’ll wear once or taking your bonus check to the bar when you have a pile of bills at home: deplorable idea.  Think before you buy.

4. How great is the death risk?

One night stands, shooting heroine, driving drunk and naked roller coaster riding fall into this category.  Driving drunk while shooting heroin with a guy I picked up at the bar on my way to the Naked Roller Coaster Riding Festival is something I have never done. Yes, sad I know.  Looking back, however, I may have tacked an extra 20 – 30 years on my life.. so there is an upside.  Same goes for you.  And when I say death risk, I don’t mean going skiing or horseback riding.  I’m talking dumb, dangerous stuff.  Stuff like, speeding to work because you overslept, building a fire in your living room (sans fireplace) or getting food from the kiosk in the food court that has no one in line.

5. Am I going to regret this in one, five, ten years?

  • Cutting
  • Tattoos
  • Piercings
  • Breast implants

These are a few things I have heard people talk about regretting.  These are a few things I regret.  Except I never got a boob job, and when I see fifty year old women with jutting breasts, I am kinda happy about my decision.  I cut myself at 13 and 18 (regret).  I have five tattoos and regret all but one of them. I had piercings and (just forewarning you young lasses!) my tongue ring chipped all the enamel off of my teeth.

Just a FYI.

Have you ever done something that, looking back, you wish you hadn’t?  Were you ever in the middle of something and thought “this is a bad idea” but didn’t know how to stop? Share your thoughts.. 😉

Author: D. A. M. Steelman

I could get through life just fine quoting heavy metal lyrics.

6 thoughts on “Before You Do Anything… Answer These Five Questions”

  1. Actually when I was in college I really wanted to have a tattoo in my butt, but I change my mind and now when I am looking back that days I smile it is a wise decision not to have at least one …


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